TheBest Proxiesin 2020: Our Top 4 Picks

Over the years, we’ve tried many proxy providers. Most were good at certain tasks and weak at others. But some have shown continuous excellence, no matter what we’ve thrown at them. These companies sell the best proxies, have amazing customer support, and all the right features. They consistently dominate our top proxy lists. In short, they’re the top proxy service providers you can get today.

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Oxylabs' proxies outperformed the competitors in most of our tests. It offers both residential and datacenter IPs, many features, locations, and has premium customer service.

  • Best proxy performance
  • High number of IPs
  • Many features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Above average price
Rating 9.3 / 10
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Smartproxy has the best residential proxies. They perform very well, come with backconnect servers, and offer a great user overall experience. Few can offer so much for the price.

  • Great performance
  • Simple setup
  • Below average price
  • Exceptional support
  • No SOCKS5
Rating 9.2 / 10
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Luminati has the biggest proxy network with the most features. Its proxies perform very well and you get even get 4G mobile IPs. But all this choice can be confusing, and it costs.

  • Most features
  • Good performance
  • Mobile and SOCKS5 proxies
  • Poweful proxy software
  • Expensive
  • Hard to use for beginners
Rating 8.9 / 10
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GeoSurf has very well-maintained residential proxies, an established service, and a huge selection of cities. But it was recently acquired by Luminati, so its future is uncertain.

  • Very reliable proxies
  • Great geo-targeting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Only 2.5M residential IPs
  • No SOCKS5
  • Expensive
Rating 8.7 / 10
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How We Chose the Best Proxies

It’s not easy to choose the best proxy service. The market is small (compared to something like VPNs) but it already fits hundreds of proxy providers. Some of them have decided to focus on specific uses, such as web scraping, sneakerssocial media, or torrenting. So, one service can’t possibly outcompete everyone else in all areas.

That’s not what we want. We’ve made many ‘best of’ lists to see which provider is the best for a particular use case. This time, we were looking for services that are great (but not necessarily the best) at everything they do.

What Were the Criteria for the Best Proxy Services?

Proxy Quality

The provider must have great-performing proxies. To evaluate proxy performance, we ran the IPs through multiple benchmarks. We tested their speed, ability to access major websites, stability, and studied the errors. Oxylabs, Smartproxy, Luminati, and Geosurf were among the few providers that showed consistently good results.

Proxy Features

The provider’s proxies must be well-suited for the task they’re performing. For example, if you’re web scraping, the IPs must have proxy rotation and support many concurrent connections. If you need to access local content, the proxies must include various locales and let you select them. If you want to stream video, the proxies must support SOCKS5. And no matter what you do, the proxies must keep you anonymous.

Customer Service

Proxy setup and use can be technically challenging. The best proxy service must be able to help you with any issues and give advice. The customer support experience should be quick and professional. Technical materials and integration instructions are a plus.

Why We Include Only the Best Paid Proxy Services

Let’s face it: free proxies are terrible for anything beyond the most basic tasks. Do you want to browse the web anonymously? Don’t use free proxies that can track your every move.  Unprotected HTTP proxies can steal your data or inject ads into websites you visit. On top of that, they’ll be slow and often already blocked or abused.

None of the proxy providers in our list are free. Heck, aside from Smartproxy, the best anonymous proxy services aren’t even cheap! That’s because good service costs money, and we’re looking at the best the proxy market has to offer.