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The Best E-Commerce Scrapers for 2024

E-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay hold a lot of useful product-related information. You can gather prices, customer reviews, and images, to name a few. Businesses scrape such data to improve their pricing strategies, get product feedback, and stay ahead of the competition. 

However, e-commerce websites are very protective of their data – they apply various anti-bot measures, which are getting more aggressive every year. So, to reach the information, you’ll need a reliable e-commerce web scraping API that’ll take care of proxy management and anti-detection measures.

Whether you’re an individual user or a large business, our list of the best e-commerce scrapers will help you make the most of your data extraction efforts. We benchmarked each web scraping API service and outlined their main characteristics.

The Best E-Commerce Web Scrapers – Quick Summary:

  1. Oxylabs – e-commerce scraper with a robust parser for any online store.
  2. Smartproxy – quality e-commerce scraper with an API playground.
  3. Bright Data – the fastest e-commerce scraper with quality anti-detection techniques.
  4. ScraperAPI – e-commerce scraper for Amazon.
  5. Zyte – fast e-commerce scraper at a relatively cheap price.
  6. Shifter – customizable e-commerce scraper.

Why Pay for an E-Commerce Website Scraper?

A web scraping API isn’t the only way to go about scraping e-commerce websites. You can also build a scraper with programming languages like Python and NodeJS or choose a no-code scraper. So, why should you pay for an e-commerce web scraping API?

First, they’re usually faster than other scraping tools because e-commerce APIs are optimized to scrape online stores. They’re great performers and can handle large amounts of requests, which is ideal for even large-sized projects.

Web scraping API services take care of the scraping infrastructure by keeping high uptime and up-to-date changes in page layouts. So you won’t need to maintain the scraper yourself. They also combine proxies, anti-detection techniques, and some –  a data parser. 

Additionally, you can easily scale up or down as needed. Some providers don’t require signing a contract, which makes their scrapers perfect for one-off jobs.

Types of E-Commerce Scraping APIs

There are two types of web scraping APIs: specialized and general-purpose. 

Specialized e-commerce APIs are designed for specific online marketplaces. These APIs usually come with in-built data parsers for returning structured data. Additionally, such scrapers have a more structured approach to scraping. For example, you don’t need to construct a URL by hand – you can simply enter a product’s number or search query, location, and pagination as parameters.

General-purpose APIs aren’t optimized for specific e-commerce stores, but they can scrape any website. These APIs don’t have a data parser, but some services allow you to build one manually. What’s more, such APIs are more customizable in terms of requests. For example, you can adjust various aspects of requests by passing additional parameters like specifying device type, creating sessions, and passing on cookies.

How We Made the List

We curated this list using data from our Web Scraping API Research. During the research, we benchmarked major web scraping API services and targeted the well-known e-commerce website Amazon.

We tested both specialized and general-purpose scrapers comparing their features, scraping performance, parsing capabilities, and price.

 OxylabsBright DataSmartproxyZyteScraperAPIShifter
Avg. success rate100%98.42%100%85.50%95.80%98.80%
Avg. response time4.69 s4.31 s4.66 s4.51 s9.69 s5.35 s

The Best Web Scraper for E-Commerce Stores

Oxylabs logo

1. Oxylabs

E-commerce scraper with a robust parser for any online store.

Oxylabs is one of a few services that offer a specialized e-commerce scraper. You can get product data from 50 online marketplaces, including all the top ones like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping.

Oxylabs’ e-commerce scraper comes with country and postal code targeting in 195 locations. What’s more, it bundles crawling and scheduling features, which are rare for APIs. 

E-commerce Scraper API integrates as a proxy server or an API. The latter allows you to either scrape e-commerce pages in real time, or fetch results asynchronously in batches. 

The API has an in-built parser – unlike other providers, it supports more targets than Amazon. The provider’s AI-based parser attempts to structure any product page. Depending on the target website, you can extract parsed information from various e-commerce properties like search pages, reviews, and pricing data.

The API showed excellent results on Amazon. It was 100% successful, with an average response time of 4.69 s.


  • Web scraper: Specialized
  • E-commerce websites: 50 
  • Locations: 195 with country-level targeting. 
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests. 
  • Data parsing: Yes


Starts at $49 for 17,500 requests ($2.80/1,000 requests). 7 days free trial available.

Read the Oxylabs review for more information and performance tests.


2. Smartproxy

Quality e-commerce scraper with an API playground.

Smartproxy is another provider that has a specialized e-commerce scraping API. It covers two popular online marketplaces – Amazon and Wayfair.

The tool has wide location coverage – you can target any country from 195 locations. You can integrate the tool as a proxy server and get the results over an open connection. Or, you can use it as an API: 1) receive real-time data or 2) fetch the scraping job without keeping an open connection.

Smartproxy’s service comes with an API playground for real-time testing. With this feature, you can build and run requests, see their output, and download generated code snippets for seamless integration.

The e-commerce scraper has a data parser for returning structured results from Amazon. It offers endpoints for product data, reviews, search pages, and others. 

Performance-wise, Smartproxy reached a perfect success rate during our tests, and the scraper was the second fastest scraper to fetch results from Amazon (4.66s).

However, the API has some limitations. First, you won’t be able to get results in batches. Also, it includes only two e-commerce targets. 


  • Web scraper: Specialized
  • E-commerce websites: Amazon and Wayfair
  • Locations: 195 with country-level targeting  
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests 
  • Data parsing: Yes


Starts at $30 for 15,000 requests ($2/1,000 requests). 3 days free trial available.

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Read the Smartproxy review for more information and performance tests.

Bright Data logo

3. Bright Data

The fastest e-commerce scraper with many anti-detection techniques.

Bright Data doesn’t have a specialized e-commerce scraping API, but it does offer a general-purpose proxy-based Web Unlocker. 

It primarily integrates as a regular proxy server, so if you’re already using proxies, it’ll be a very easy experience. But if you need batch requests, you can do that via an API endpoint. 

Web Unlocker automatically chooses the most appropriate proxies (datacenter or residential), spoofs your browser fingerprint, applies retries, and otherwise ensures perfect delivery. Additionally,  it supports establishing sessions.

During our test with Amazon, Web Unlocker reached a 98.42% success rate, and it was the fastest web scraper – the average response time was 4.31s.

Web Unlocker comes with a big BUT – it doesn’t include a parser. Alternatively, you can look into Bright Data’s Web Scraping IDE, which lets you build your own Amazon scraper using pre-made templates on the provider’s cloud platform.


  • Web Scraper: General-purpose
  • Locations: Global with city & country targeting 
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests 
  • Data parsing: No


Bright Data has two options: subscription or pay as you go. The first one is cheaper, but you have to commit to at least $500 ($2.25/1,000 requests); with pay as you go, the price starts at $3/1,000 requests. 7 days free trial for business clients.

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Read the Bright Data review for more information and performance tests.

scraperapi logo

4. ScraperAPI

E-commerce scraper for Amazon.

ScraperAPI takes a different approach towards scraping e-commerce websites. It has a general-purpose scraper which can be used with online stores, but it also offers an endpoint for Amazon.

Feature-wise, ScraperAPI automatically handles IP rotation, headers, and retries. You can further customize your request by creating a session or passing custom headers. It offers documentation for several programming languages like Python, NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, and Java. Additionally, the tool comes with 12 US and EU locations.

In terms of parsing, you have two options. The first is adding a parameter when sending URLs to the API; this way, ScraperAPI can parse Amazon product pages, search results, page listings, and reviews. Alternatively, you can use the Amazon endpoint with ASIN as a parameter to receive any product page.

The provider has a free plan with 1,000 API credits per month and a 7-day free trial period with 5,000 free requests.

ScraperAPI did okay with Amazon – 95.98% of the time, it was successful but slow compared to the competition (avg. response time – 9.69s).

ScraperAPI uses a credit-based pricing system, but it’s pretty complex. Scraping well-protected e-commerce websites might require features like JavaScript rendering or premium proxies, which consume more credits. That means your expenses can grow fast.


  • Web Scraper: General-purpose; API endpoint for Amazon
  • Locations: 12  
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests & optional features 
  • Data parsing: Yes for Amazon, manual for other online stores


Starts at $49 for 100,000 API credits. 7 days free trial available.

Zyte logo

5. Zyte

Fast e-commerce scraper at a relatively cheap price.

Zyte recently launched a web scraping API for all types of websites, including e-commerce. Even though it’s a new product, the scraper is backed up with Zyte’s strong scraping infrastructure.

The web scraper includes features like automatically selecting the appropriate proxy type and location based on your target URL. If you want, you can manually choose from 19 locations. 

In terms of headless scraping, Zyte is very customizable. Enterprise clients can use a TypeScript API with scripting functionality in a cloud development environment. 

If you need to structure data, you can build a parser with CSS selectors because Zyte doesn’t have an in-built parser.

Zyte’s API stood out with speed – the scraper had an average response time of 4.51s. However, it showed the lowest success rate of 85.5%.

Pricewise, Zyte API doesn’t have a fixed rate. Instead, it calculates request cost based on the website, use of headless browsers, and other factors. As long as you don’t need to render JavaScript, Zyte API is a price-efficient service for most e-commerce targets.


  • Web Scraper: General-purpose
  • Locations: 19  
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests & optional features 
  • Data parsing: Manual


From $25 with an option to pay as you go. 7 days free trial available.

Read the Zyte review for more information and performance tests.

Shifter logo

6. Shifter

Customizable e-commerce scraper.

Shifter offers a general-purpose scraper that performs well on e-commerce websites.

Shifter’s scraper integrates as API and SDK. The latter supports NodeJS, Python, and Rust programming languages.

In terms of features, you can customize your request by choosing a device type, establishing sessions, filling in forms, as well as sending cookies and custom headers. Shifter’s web scraper doesn’t have an in-built parser, but you can get structured data with CSS selectors. 

The cheapest plan runs on datacenter proxies and comes with 10 locations in the US and EU. With higher-paid plans, you can choose from 12 countries and get residential or mobile proxies, or 195 global locations if you opt for an enterprise plan. However, enabling them costs extra. 

The web scraper returned results from Amazon with a 98.8% success rate and was relatively fast – the average response time was 5.35 s. 

Pricing-wise, Shifter is among the cheaper options if you can scrape the target without enabling the premium features. However, note that its entry plans comes only with 20 concurrent requests.


  • Web scraper: General-purpose
  • Locations: 10 (US & EU) 
  • Pricing model: Based on successful requests 
  • Data parsing: Manual


Starts at $44.99 for 20 concurrent requests and 100,000 API credits. 7 days free trial available.

Read the Shifter review for more information and performance tests.


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