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Proxyway is a blog dedicated to the research and testing of the best proxy providers and giving an honest opinion about their service. It was started in 2018, when two tech-enthusiasts, Adam and Chris, met on Stack Overflow and started sharing their experiences and opinions about proxies.

Our mission is to inform and educate our readers – both regular people and tech geeks – about proxy services. We’re committed to delivering comprehensive reviews, detailed guides, and other high-quality content explaining the “hows” and “whys” of current proxy technology.

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I’m a geek that has long been into tech of all kinds. I got into web development back in my teens, after creating my first personal blog. Eventually, web dev became by profession, and writing content is something I still enjoy. I’ve quit my full-time job to work as a freelancer and right now, Proxyway is my main focus. On my free time, I enjoy urban exploring, geocaching and learning languages.

Follow me on Twitter: @adam_dubo

Adam Dubois

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For me it all started with looking for proxies to work around bans in my old workplace (we really needed that sweet YouTube time). Eventually, I started getting more and more into proxies and the technology behind it. And here I am now, a proxy tester, reviewer and content creator. Besides proxies, I love arguing on Reddit, cooking spicy Korean food and listening to weird European music.

Catch me on Twitter: @proxydudechris

Chris Becker

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I’m a caffeine-fuelled tech junkie living in the UK. For years, I have been working as a marketing manager for various tech companies with no real knowledge of how proxies even work. Up until I tried to cop my first pair of Yeezys. Now I spend most of my free time hunting for instacops and trying out new bots. When I’m not rambling about my favorite streetwear brands, I’m either curled up with a mystery novel or dancing at a rave. 

Isabel Rivera

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