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5 Best Germany Proxy Providers of 2024

This list features the best German proxy providers. Each of them will let you unblock German content, browse anonymously from a German IP address, and scrape websites in Germany with a high success rate. We put these providers through extensive tests to measure their speed and reliability. We also considered their features and ease of use. Here are our top five picks.

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1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is known for fast speeds and affordable plans. This and its ease of use make Smartproxy an ideal choice for beginners or those looking to test the proxy waters.

Rating 9.2/10

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2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a flexible provider that offers several types of proxies with IPs in Germany. The provider mostly targets businesses, but it also works well for individual customers looking for quality.

Rating 9.3/10

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3. Bright Data

Bright Data’s platform includes all major proxy types with multiple configurations and a selection of features. In addition, its proxy management tools ar second to none. However, that power comes at a price, and Bright Data is harder to set up than either Oxylabs or Smartproxy.

Rating 9.1/10

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SOAX’s residential and mobile proxies can target various German cities and further filter IPs by ASN. They work well and form a respectable proxy pool that should be enough for serious use. 

Rating 9.0/10

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5. Webshare

Webshare’s proxies (and the service as a whole) are very customizable. You may overpay for some premium features; but if you don’t need them, it’s possible to get quality proxies very cheaply. 

Rating 8.8/10

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How We Picked the Best German Proxy Servers

We ran extensive tests to determine the average speed of each provider, as well as their success rate when establishing connections to localized content. We also ran 500 connections in parallel to measure the speed and stability of the networks when under load. This let us evaluate the overall quality of their IP pool.

By combining the results of these individual tests, we were able to build a well-rounded picture of how these German proxy services perform in a real-world scenario.

Using a Germany Proxy

When you normally access the internet, your device connects directly to the servers that host the content you are requesting. A German proxy server lets you access that server via local German IP address.

You can use these proxies with almost any web browser or device. Even though their documentation or setup processes might differ, the end result will be the same — the proxy network will route your connection through a German IP address.

Why You Should NOT Use a Free German IP Address

If you search online for a free German proxy service, you’ll find no shortage of available options. But you want to steer clear such services. They need to make money somehow. In many cases, this means monitoring what you do and selling that information to third parties.

Free proxy services come with large security risks and can completely undermine the reasons you are seeking out such a service to begin with. All the providers all this list use the HTTPS protocol to keep your connection encrypted. Note that both Bright Data and Oxylabs track what their users do for legal reasons and, so they might not be the best option for everyone.

Why You Might Need An IP In Germany

If you want to stream content from German TV providers like ZDF from outside Germany, you will need to connect to them using a German IP address. Geo-blocking is becoming increasingly common, as are attempts to overcome it. Content providers routinely block IP addresses that are associated with VPNs and proxies. Sometimes, they automatically block IP addresses that are shared between a large number of accounts.

By using a German proxy server that assigns your device a residential IP address, you can avoid many of these automatic blocks. This increases your success rate in accessing localized content. You can also create local social media accounts, buy goods that are reserved for German users, and scrape data from locally-available sources much more reliably with a local German proxy server.

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Frequently Asked Questions About German Proxies

It’s completely legal to use German proxy services. However, if you doubt whether you can legally use a German proxy service in your country, or whether you can use a proxy service for your intended use case, consult with an attorney who specializes in computer law.

Despite the way that they are often portrayed in films and the media, proxy services don’t make you invisible or invincible. If you are planning to use proxies to do something illegal, or even privacy-focused, proxies might not be able to help you. There are other ways to track you down, and your IP address is just one piece of information.

Two of the providers on our list are open about the fact that they record what their users do. Proxy providers are bound by the laws in the country where they are headquartered. It’s worth investigating what local laws and regulations apply to any provider that you are considering using.

When you use any of the five proxy providers on our list, you can be confident that you’ll be able to access localized German content. If you want to stream German TV reliably through a German proxy service, you need a residential German IP address. Datacenter IP addresses are much more prone to being filtered and blocked by content providers.

A residential German IP address is also essential if you want to buy goods that are only available to customers located in Germany. In most cases, you won’t need this level of granular control, but it’s useful if you want to scrape data from extremely localized sources. Automatic IP rotation will ensure that if the IP address you are using is blocked, you can seamlessly switch to a fresh one.