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The Best Proxy for Facebook: 5 Top Picks for 2024

If you want to: a) unblock Facebook in your country, school, or workplace; b) create or manage multiple Facebook accounts; c) power your Facebook marketing automation software; d) scrape Facebook, then Facebook proxies are what you need.

This list features the top proxy services for Facebook. The providers here have quality proxies, many locations, and all the right features for the platform. Their pricing might differ, but one thing (hopefully) does not: they all offer a Facebook proxy that works.

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1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy has 10 million mobile IPs from over 700 ASNs. You get a free anti-detect browser for managing accounts. Intuitive user interface. Top rating for price and quality.

Rating 9.2/10

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SOAX offers 3.5 million mobile IPs that you can filter up to the ASN level. Its flexible rotation makes it a good choice both for Facebook account creation and management.

Rating 9.0/10

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3. Bright Data

A mobile proxy provider with a focus on businesses. Has great city coverage and flexible IP rotation. However, premium features cost extra, and the service is difficult to use.

Rating 9.1/10

Get $250 extra when you add $250 to your account.


4. Webshare

Webshare’s ISP proxies are fast. You get absolute self-service. They come in lists of static IPs, good for account management. For scraping, you can rotate with every request.

Rating 8.8/10

5. NetNut

With NetNut’s mobile proxies you can run unlimited threads. It mainly targets businesses and offers a 7-day free trial for companies.

Rating 8.7/10

What Is a Facebook Proxy?

A Facebook proxy is an intermediary IP address optimized specifically for this social media platform. Nowadays, the word ‘optimized’ means mostly that the proxy is mobileISP or sometimes residential and that it hasn’t been blocked on Facebook.

The Need for a Facebook Proxy Server

These days, all social media giants (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) have imposed many limitations on how you can use their platforms. And they put a lot of effort into ensuring that no one can bypass and trick their systems. For example, there’s a limit on how many accounts you can create from one IP. Proxies help bypass these limitations.

If you’re here reading this, we assume that you have a goal to trick those systems for one reason or another (BlackHatWorld users have so many reasons, some of them seem crazy even for us.) We are here to help.

Use Cases of Proxies for Facebook

Social media proxies have pretty similar use cases. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s Instagram or Facebook. Every Facebook proxy user can come up with a different set of reasons for using them. Here some of the most popular ones:

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

It doesn’t matter if you need multiple accounts for work, business, or personal reasons – you’ll probably encounter an issue at some point. While Facebook allows switching from one account to another – it’s only if both accounts are set up in the same location, with the same IP. And sometimes this just doesn’t work.

Imagine that you’re hired to manage a Facebook account of a business that is located in the US. But you live in Japan. Well, Facebook’s transparency features allow everyone visiting the page to see where it’s managed from, and not seeing the United States would potentially look shady for a lot of people.

Back in the days, people used to create Facebook accounts in bulk to spam people. Not the most ethical use case, but it worked and brought results. Today, you can’t really do that anymore. What you can do, however, is create multiple accounts for the Facebook Business Manager. From what we’ve heard, this is where the real money lies nowadays.

Unblock Facebook

Facebook tends to get banned by schools and workplaces. As many other social media platforms, it’s considered to be bad for your attention span. No one wants you to waste your precious time there. Well, except maybe you! So, you can use proxies to unblock Facebook and freely browse the platform again.

Power Marketing Automation Software

Software programs like Useviral offer powerful Facebook automation features. For example, you can schedule and auto-share posts, automatically change your cover-photo, reply to messages, create post variations with spintax tools and post them to multiple groups, and so on. Proxies help these programs run uninhibited and at full capacity.

Scrape Facebook

Like all other major social media platforms, Facebook stores a lot of valuable data. This could be anything from URLs to posts or even profiles. However, there is no longer an API to automatically retrieve it. So, you either have to do it by hand, or use a Facebook scraper. You’ll need proxies for your scraper to work; otherwise, Facebook will quickly notice your actions and block your IP address.

Whether it’s actually legal to do it is another question. The company vehemently opposed Facebook scraping, and you must be careful not to violate the GDPR or CCCP laws. But it’s still something that can be done and many find worth doing.

Tips for Using a Facebook Proxy

It’s likely that if you are looking to purchase dedicated proxies for Facebook, you already know quite a bit about them, but here is a short list of some tips we’ve gathered:

  1. Educate yourself. There are many great online resources for Facebook automation, such as Black Hat World, MP Social, and Warrior Forum. Read up because knowledge is power.
  2. Use ISP or mobile proxies. Mobile proxies borrow IPs from real user mobile devices and make it very hard for Facebook to block them. Mobile proxies are the best option, but they might be expensive. ISP proxies are cheaper, and they’re associated with internet service providers – they’re hosted on a server rather than residential device. Residential proxies still work for some tasks, though every year they’re getting easier to block on Facebook.
  3. Choose your provider carefully. Try them out, read some reviews. Another important thing to look for in a provider: good customer support. Live chats, speedy replies and helpful staff are the best you can get.
  4. Invest. If you need Facebook proxies for business matters, don’t just get whatever. Invest a little bit more money for better results. As is the case with other products, this is especially true for proxies.

Don’t Use Free Facebook Proxies

Free proxies are never a good choice. We have a full length post on why this is the case. Here’s a short rundown:

  1. If something is free, you are the product. While there is a chance that someone is creating free proxy lists out of the kindness of their heart, how likely is it really? Not at all.
  2. Slow speed. These proxies usually come with a crazy amount of ads and it slows down the speed of the proxy very noticeably. Don’t do it to yourself.
  3. They’re often blacklisted. So many people are using free proxies that they’re deemed to get flagged on most websites. The big ones, like Facebook in this case, are very effective at banning them and that’s not what you would want.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Proxies

Yes. Not only that: a Facebook proxy server can also help you post more Facebook ads, run multiple accounts, or scrape the platform.
You can buy Facebook proxies from any of the providers on our list. Many of them offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee to try out their services.

Type? Mobile, then residential. Provider? We cover the best proxy services in the article. (Hint: It’s Smartproxy.)

Adam Dubois
Adam Dubois
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