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5 Best Australia Proxy Providers of 2024

If you want to access Australian data from anywhere in the world, buying an Australia proxy is your best option. A proxy network assigns you an Australian IP address and lets you to reach browse, scrape data, and access localized content as if you were located in Australia. Here are the best Australia proxy providers you can get today.

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1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers premium-level proxies for less. It’s a technically versatile and user-friendly choice for most tasks, from individual to enterprise use. 

Rating 9.2/10

Try residential proxies for free.

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2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is one of the largest providers out there with more than 100 million proxies. Its products are best suited for enterprises but may also fit smaller needs. 

Rating 9.3/10

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3. Bright Data

Bright Data has a huge proxy network with powerful management tools, but using it isn’t as straightforward as with other Australia proxy providers here. 

Rating 9.1/10

Get $250 extra when you add $250 to your account.

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SOAX’s residential and mobile proxy networks perform well, and they bundle premium location filtering features at no extra cost. 

Rating 9.0/10

5. Webshare

Webshare’s service lets you customize every nook and cranny by yourself. If you opt out of premium features, you can get quality datacenter and ISP proxies for pennies. 

Rating 8.8/10

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How We Picked the Best Australia Proxy Providers

When you buy Australia proxies, you don’t know what you’re getting until you try the service out. To discover the best providers of Australian proxy servers, we ran a number of different tests. These tests measured the average speed and success rate of every provider when connecting to Australian servers. We also tested how each network performs when dealing with hundreds of simultaneous connections. Only the top performing Australia proxy providers made the final list.

Getting an Australia Proxy Service

Every provider in the list lets you use genuine Australian IP addresses. No matter which proxy provider you go with, you should be able to use their proxy network with any device or software. While the documentation and setup flows may differ, you’ll be able to set up your Australia proxies in a few minutes.

Why You Should Buy Your Australian Proxies

Free proxies are tempting, but we strongly advise against using a free Australian proxy. Let us explain. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the wider internet. While a good proxy server can benefit your privacy and security, free proxies are often traps you can’t trust. If the Australian proxy server you connect to is owned by a cyber criminal, they can monitor and read every piece of data you send and receive through their service. Free proxies come and go, while these Australia proxy service providers ensure you get a stable connection through Australian proxies at any time. We recommend using only paid providers to avoid becoming the product yourself.

Why You Might Need an IP in Australia

Using an Australian IP address will make it look as if you are connecting from the continent down-under.Each provider on our list offers residential Australia proxies, so you’ll be able to browse with high anonymity, as if you were a real Australian resident. You can use these IP addresses to get localized prices for products and services, reach localized data sources, news and on-demand services, or scrape data from Australian websites.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Australia Proxies

It’s perfectly legal to use an Australia proxy server to access the internet as if you were located in Australia. That means you can use Australian proxies to access ABC and other Aussie news sites. Just know that Australia proxies won’t make you untraceable or invincible. Law enforcement can use other methods to track down internet users who hide behind anonymity services like proxies. An Australian IP address is only one piece of data that Australian police would use to track down a suspect.

Each provider on our list offers reliable access to geo-blocked Australian content. This includes Australian news, programs and scraping localized data sources. Most Australia proxy service providers also have large pools of IP addresses. This means that whenever one IP address gets blocked, you can simply rotate onto the next one and continue browsing as normal. If you’re gathering market intelligence and need to access local content, a proxy service is the best solution.


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