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Proxy Market Research 2024

Proxy Market Research is the largest – and probably only – public report covering the proxy server market. It includes valuable insights based on our own observations, interviews with leading proxy providers, and large-scale performance benchmarks of the most popular proxy types.

2024’s edition is in progress, with a release planned around April. Get acquainted with its contents and be the first to know when the research becomes available.

You can find 2023's report here.

Prroxy market research 2024

What to expect from 2024's Proxy Market Research

  • A comparison of 14 major proxy server providers: from market leaders like Oxylabs, Smartproxy and Bright Data to newer entrants, such as Nimbleway and Nodemaven.
  • A collection of industry news covering company growth, product usage changes, popular use cases, and more. This section relies on a questionnaire given to all participants, as well as our own insights.
  • In-depth technical benchmarks of residential, mobile, and rotating datacenter proxies. They’re based on millions of connection requests to multiple locations made throughout several weeks.
  • Historical pricing, performance, and other trends made possible by our multi-year analysis of the leading providers.

Adam Dubois
Adam Dubois
Proxy geek and developer.