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TheBest Pinterest ProxyProviders of 2023

We’re not going to tell you that Pinterest consists largely of American women in their twenties; or that you can make some serious money doing Pinterest marketing. If you’re here, you’ve done the research already. Instead, we’ll simply give you a list of great Pinterest proxy providers. They’ll help you unblock Pinterest, run your automation software with the fewest issues possible, or safely manage bulk accounts. Here are our top picks.

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Smartproxy sells rotating residential proxies. They perform well, scale even better, and can hold the same IP for account creation. The provider is very approachable for beginners.

  • 55M great performing IPs
  • Award-winning support
  • 195 locations
  • Easy to use
  • Priced by traffic


Oxylabs offers premium rotating IPs. The service has the best overall performance and is fully-featured. The price, however, is too steep for simple tasks like unblocking content.

  • 100M performant IPs
  • Every country,many cities
  • Extensive documentation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Expensive

Bright Data

Bright Data is another premium provider with a large proxy network and the most features at hand. But all that versatility plays into complexity using the service and costly IPs.

  • 72M residential IPs
  • Good performance
  • Flexible proxy management
  • Free trial for businesses
  • Above average price


SOAX offers cheaper than premium residential IPs. The proxies are stable. Two distinguishing features: flexible rotation and location targeting. And this won’t cost you extra.

  • 5M residential proxies
  • Very adjustable rotation
  • Good success rate
  • Limited ports with plans
  • No pay as you go


Infatica is a mid-sized provider with performant proxies and a handful of features. You can target most countries, cities, or ASN and select multiple locations at once.

  • 10M stable proxies
  • Flexible rotation options
  • Good location targeting
  • Steep entry threshold
  • No plan top up


Rayobyte’s residential proxies are a catch if you need plans with non-expiring traffic. The service has a competent set of features and overall easy user experience.

  • 150 locations
  • City-level targeting
  • Scales well from 50GB
  • Non-expiring subscription
  • Slow proxies
  • No custom rotation


IPRoyal’s residential IPs are very cheap. You’ll get flexible filtering options and sticky sessions for up to 7 days. Not the best performance, but good for one-off tasks.

  • 2M residential proxies
  • Flexible filtering
  • Sticky sessions up to 7d.
  • Cheap
  • 89.56% success rate
  • Slow proxies


NetNut’s residential IPs are a good choice for large-scale use. The cheapest plans don’t have much features, but paying more unlocks dedicated support & city-level targeting.

  • 52M residential proxies
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • City-level targeting
  • No custom rotation
  • No live chat
  • 10% failure rate


Webshare offers residential proxies at a lower than average market price. The service has many interesting features like network priority, but they come at an extra cost.

  • 30M residential proxies
  • Customizable plans
  • Absolute self-service
  • Affordable
  • Limited targeting
  • Rotation every request
  • No live customer support

What Is a Pinterest Proxy?

A Pinterest proxy is an intermediary IP you can use to access Pinterest. Instead of connecting you to the platform directly, it routes your connection request through a proxy server. As a result, it looks like a different person is accessing the website. Some providers sell specialized Pinterest proxy plans – this means the IPs have been verified to work with Pinterest (in other words, they haven’t been blocked yet).

Main Uses of Pinterest Proxies

Unblock Pinterest

Your country, workplace, or school might be blocking access to Pinterest. Or you might want to see geo-specific content that’s unavailable in your location. By using proxies, you can borrow an IP address from any country in the world, removing restrictions.

Pinterest Automation

Proxies can help you automate many manual tasks and save time. For example, you can create ten accounts to automatically re-pin content and promote your business or schedule pins in advance. Having a Pinterest bot to autopin content is a popular use case among marketers. Sure, you can use Pinterest automation software without proxies, but then you’ll quickly get blocked.

Multiple Pinterest Account Creation and Management

Even though Pinterest isn’t that strict towards having multiple accounts as Instagram, you wouldn’t like to risk getting your client’s profiles blocked. So, if you need to have more than 5 accounts, get yourself some proxies. 

Scraping Pinterest

Like most social media platforms, Pinterest has a lot of valuable information. You can scrape the platform for fun or get insights for your business.

You can gather images for inspiration, curate visual collections, and discover new ideas across various interests. For businesses, scraping Pinterest can offer valuable market insights, competitor analysis, and trending topics to improve marketing strategies and product ideas. 

However, scraping Pinterest is challenging because of anti-scraping measures, making proxies crucial. They help to bypass IP restrictions and maintain anonymity. Despite the benefits, there are still roadblocks to consider, including the risk of violating Pinterest’s terms of service and the technical complexity of web scraping.

The Best Proxies for Pinterest

You might have noticed that all of the providers on our list offer residential proxies. That’s because datacenter IPs have long abused Pinterest with spam, and today most of them are blocked. We also left out mobile proxies because they cost too much and are not necessary.

The proxy services we include are well-known in the market, have a good reputation, and stable proxies. Some are superior to others but also cost more, so we decided to include more budget-friendly providers as well.

If you think that none of our options suit you, that’s perfectly fine. There are many providers out there, and we couldn’t possibly vet all of them. Just remember to avoid shared proxies, be very careful about datacenter proxies (they will often be called ‘dedicated’ or ‘private’), and don’t choose IPv6 – Pinterest doesn’t support them yet.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Pinterest Proxy

Datacenter or Residential Proxies for Pinterest?

We recommend using residential proxies.

How Many Pinterest Accounts Can I Have?

Without proxies? Three to five. With proxies? However many your automation software supports. Just don’t create more than 2-3 accounts on the same proxy.

Can I Get a Proxy Server for Pinterest Without Paying?

Free proxies are easy to find. But there’s a big change they won’t work with Pinterest. Even if they do, your experience won’t be good. We recommend going with paid proxies instead, especially considering the risks involved.