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TheBest Pinterest ProxyProviders of 2023

We’re not going to tell you that Pinterest consists largely of American women in their twenties; or that you can make some serious money doing Pinterest marketing. If you’re here, you’ve done the research already. Instead, we’ll simply give you a list of great Pinterest proxy providers. They’ll help you unblock Pinterest and run your automation software with the fewest issues possible. Here are our top picks.

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Smartproxy sells rotating residential proxies. They perform well, scale even better, and can hold the same IP for account creation. The provider is very approachable for beginners.

  • 40M great performing IPs
  • Award-winning support
  • 195 locations
  • Easy to use
  • Priced by traffic

Bright Data

Bright Data offers a huge network of residential IPs. It covers a lot of locations, has many features, but may be complex for beginners. Pay-as-you-go plans are available.

  • 72M residential IPs
  • Good performance
  • Flexible proxy management
  • Free trial
  • Expensive
  • Traffic based pricing


SOAX's residential proxies aren't very fast but they proved very effective for social media in our tests. They allow targeting cities and rotating the IPs almost howewer you like.

  • 5M residential proxies
  • Very adjustable rotation
  • Good success rate
  • Slow response time
  • Feature lock


Geosurf's residential proxies are stable and very well maintained. They also cover impressive 1,700 cities around the world. It's a reliable provider with a premium price tag.

  • Workhorse proxies
  • Flexible rotation options
  • Many locations
  • Extension & API
  • Expensive
  • Uncertain future
Rating 8.5 / 10
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PacketStream's residential IPs are very affordable and work well. Good self-service options and a pretty straightforward setup. Though the IP pool may be smaller than advertised.

  • 7M residential IPs
  • Good performance
  • Very affordable
  • Questionable IP pool
  • Support only by email
Rating 7.8 / 10
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Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies has proxies dedicated to Pinterest – but those are datacenter IPs, so you should try their residential proxies instead. Fewer features but affordable and easy to use.

  • Starts from $19
  • Sticky sessions
  • Simple to use
  • Only 40,000 IPs
  • No location targeting
  • DC proxies may not work
Rating 7.7 / 10
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What Is a Pinterest Proxy?

A Pinterest proxy is an intermediary IP you can use to access Pinterest. Instead of connecting you to the platform directly, it routes your connection request through a proxy server. As a result, it looks like a different person is accessing the website. Some providers sell specialized Pinterest proxy plans – this means the IPs have been verified to work with Pinterest (in other words, they haven’t been blocked yet).

Main Uses of Pinterest Proxies

Unblock Pinterest

Your country, workplace, or school might be blocking access to Pinterest. Or you might want to see geo-specific content that’s unavailable in your location. By using proxies, you can borrow an IP address from any country in the world, removing restrictions.

Pinterest Automation

Proxies can help you automate many manual tasks and save time. For example, you can create ten accounts to automatically re-pin content and promote your business or schedule pins in advance. Having a Pinterest bot to autopin content is a popular use case among marketers. Sure, you can use Pinterest automation software without proxies, but then you’ll quickly get blocked.

The Best Proxies for Pinterest

You might have noticed that all of the providers on our list offer residential proxies. That’s because datacenter IPs have long abused Pinterest with spam, and today most of them are blocked. We also left out mobile proxies because they cost too much and are not necessary.

The proxy service we include are well-known in the market, have a good reputation, and stable proxies. Some are superior to others but also cost more, so we decided to included more budget-friendly providers as well.

If you decide that none of our options suits you, that’s perfectly fine. There are many providers out there, and we couldn’t possibly vet all of them. Just remember to avoid shared proxies, be very careful about datacenter proxies (they will often be called ‘dedicated’ or ‘private’), and don’t choose IPv6 – Pinterest doesn’t support them yet.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Pinterest Proxy

Datacenter or Residential Proxies for Pinterest?

We recommend using residential proxies.

How Many Pinterest Accounts Can I Have?

Without proxies? Three to five. With proxies? However many your automation software supports. Just don’t create more than 2-3 accounts on the same proxy.

Can I Get a Proxy Server for Pinterest Without Paying?

Free proxies are easy to find. But there’s a big change they won’t work with Pinterest. Even if they do, your experience won’t be good. We recommend going with paid proxies instead, especially considering the risks involved.