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The Best Proxies for ScrapeBox: 8 Top Picks for 2024

So, you’ve installed ScrapeBox and can’t wait to start scraping. But there’s one thing left to do: get some quality ScrapeBox proxies! The integrated Proxy Harvester is very convenient, but let’s face it – it simply doesn’t cut it. If you want to do real work, you’ll need to buy proxies for ScrapeBox. We’ve made this list to help you choose the best option for your needs. Don’t worry, it covers a wide range of features and budgets, so you’ll surely find something that works for you.

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1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy sells some of the best-performing residential IPs. The provider gives access to the whole proxy pool. It’s a beginner-friendly and price-efficient choice.

Rating 9.3/10

Try 100 MB for free.

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SOAX’s residential proxies work well with Google. They’re fast and include flexible rotations and targeting options. However, you won’t be able to pay as you go.

Rating 9.0/10
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3. Infatica

Infatica targets larger clients. Its proxies had a good success rate on Google. The provider has flexible rotation options and scales well at 1 TB of data.

Rating 8.7/10
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4. Rayobyte

Rayobyte sells very affordable dedicated proxies for SEO and other tasks. They’re fast and come with no limits. However, they come from data centers and not real users.

Rating 8.6/10
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5. Webshare

Webshare gives you full control over your subscription. You can build your plan however you like. Great price for quality IPs, but fewer features compared to alternatives.

Rating 8.8/10

6. NetNut

NetNut goes after the bigger squirrels. The provider is a good choice for anyone looking to buy over 250 GBs of traffic. You’ll get a better price and more features.

Rating 9/10
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7. Nimbleway

Nimbleway is a premium proxy provider that sells performant residential proxies. Its proxies showed good results with Google, and you’ll get to choose locales from around the world. 

Rating 8.7/10
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8. Dataimpulse

Dataimpulse sells bargain residential proxies – they cost as little as $1/GB. The service comes with basic features and mediocre performance. 

Rating 8.3/10

How We Picked the Top ScrapeBox Proxy Service Providers

The proxy providers you see here are all well familiar for us. We’ve used and tested them extensively over the years, so we know that they offer reputable services and proxies that work. 

The list includes services selling residential proxies. This is on purpose. For example, if you want to scrape Google (as, we imagine, most do), these addresses are the best choice. And here’s why. They’re cheaper than mobile IPs, yet also hard to detect. Such IPs rotate and they look like real users, so Google will be less likely to block you. Before, datacenter proxies worked, but now the search engine can easily identify such addresses. 

Why You Need ScrapeBox Proxies

ScrapeBox is all about doing many automated tasks quickly. Problem is, websites don’t like being bombarded by connection requests. So, if they notice that your IP address is putting a big load on their servers, they’ll take actions against you. That might be CAPTCHAs, temporary blocks, or even a permanent IP ban. The better protection a website has, the quicker you’ll get shut down. 

With proxies, you can use multiple IP addresses at once, and even rotate them, to scrape without interruptions. A good proxy provider will let you make as many as 500 concurrent connection requests – I’ll let you do the maths on how much faster this makes scraping.

Other Things You Should Know Before You Buy Proxies for ScrapeBox

  • Backconnect proxy servers are much easier to work with than proxy lists. Using one, you get an IP address, and it automatically rotates the proxies for you on the provider’s end. Backconnect servers also give you a much bigger proxy pool to work with. 
  • Most providers offer free trials and refunds – use them. Even if you’re very confident about a proxy provider, always try it out first. Free trials are rare, but there’s almost always a money-back guarantee. Just remember that it’s very limited, so don’t go overboard. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Proxy sellers sometimes have special pools for certain websites. Or they may blacklist some sites by default. You won’t find this information on the website, so it’s a good idea to simply contact the provider and ask. As a bonus, you’ll learn about its customer support.
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Frequently Asked Questions About ScrapeBox Proxies

ScrapeBox is a powerful program for scraping content off the web. It has a wide range of uses: from something as innocent as getting keyword data from Google, to spamming forums and creating fake backlinks. Overall, it’s a popular tool among SEO specialists. 

The Proxy Harvester scrapes the web for free proxy lists. They can work; but most of the time they’re unreliable and quickly get banned by sites like Google. Buying access to a private proxy server will give you much less headache. The difference really is big.

This question gets asked year after year, and the answer is always the same – yes, it works. The things you can achieve with ScrapeBox might have changed (no more spamming for you!). But overall it’s such a versatile tool that even Fortune 500 companies still use ScrapeBox to this day. 

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