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5 Best China Proxy Providers of 2024

Connecting to the internet through a fast China proxy lets you access content that is region-locked to China. The Chinese proxies on our list are anonymous and will make it look like your scraping software, device or browser is accessing the web from China itself. Here are our top picks.

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1. Smartproxy

With its combination of fast connection speeds and intuitive user interface, Smartproxy is one of the most popular proxy providers out there. It sells residential and mobile proxies in China. 

Rating 9.3/10

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2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is one of the most flexible proxy providers. It controls one of the most reliable and extensive proxy pools in the market and supports all major protocols, including SOCKS.

Rating 9.3/10
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3. Bright Data

Bright Data has more than 72 million IP addresses and a variety of features. However, it’s not beginner friendly, both in complexity and price.

Rating 9.3/10

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Geosurf doesn’t offer as many countries as the providers above. But it does have CN proxies with impressive targeting options: you can get IPs both in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Rating 9.0/10
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5. Webshare

Though Webshare’s signature datacenter proxies have no IPs in China, you can get its residential proxy pool instead. It works well and costs less than premium alternatives.

Rating 8.8/10

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How We Chose The Best China Proxy Services

We ran multiple tests to measure how fast and reliable each provider is. We tracked their connection speeds and success rates when connecting to localized Chinese content. We also considered if they can withstand high loads by running 500 connection requests at the same time. Our final results combine the performance tests with such criteria like ease of use, pricing and customer support. Every provider on this list offers the best proxies on the market.

How to Use a China Proxy

You can use a China proxy service with almost any device or software. The precise steps to set up proxies with any of them might vary. But in the end, Chinese proxies will route your connection through IPs that are actually located within China or Hong Kong. This ensures you are assigned a genuine Chinese IP address and won’t get blocked when trying to access Chinese content.

Why You Should NOT Use Free Chinese Proxy Services

We strongly recommend to avoid free China proxies. You should only use a proxy service if you trust the person or company behind it, especially in China. Its owner can  intercept all data that flows through the server, potentially giving them access to your passwords and other sensitive information. And China is famous for surveillance. Remember: if you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product.

Why You Might Need a Proxy in China

A China proxy server is the ideal way to access content that is region locked to China. You’ll be able to read local news or even set up a WeChat account as if you were a Chinese citizen. You can also use a Chinese proxy server to access local prices or scrape local data.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Proxies

Anyone can use a China proxy, but you need to be careful about Chinese IP addresses. A proxy server won’t grant you total anonymity online. If you commit any crimes while accessing the internet through a China proxy server, law enforcement agencies can still track you down. Your IP address is only one piece of data that they will use to identify you.

If you connect to the internet through a China proxy, you’ll look like a Chinese citizen. Each of these providers offers a secure and reliable connection and a large IP pool to draw from. If one IP address gets blocked, you can quickly rotate to another one. A strong proxy provider will let you access to localized content while also enabling you to scrape local content for market intelligence. Whatever your reasons, if you need to access the internet with a Chinese IP address, then the CN proxy providers on this list are the best choices available.

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