TheBest Craigslist Proxies:6 Top Picks for 2020

Craigslist is a huge platform for classified ads: today it covers 570 cities in 70 countries. In March 2018, Craigslist had more than 456M page views per month, with around 439M unique monthly visitors from the US alone. This presents great advertising opportunities and a massive repository of data.

But Craigslist is not too keen on giving things away. If you’re scraping data from Craigslist or posting too many listings on the site, chances are your IP address will get blocked. This can be a pain in the neck, especially if your business depends on Craigslist. That’s why you might want to use Craigslist proxies to access the website without limits. Here are five top providers to get you going.

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Geosurf is a great choice whether you're scraping or posting. It has fast residential IPs with flexible rotation, over 1,000 cities and browser extensions. However, it costs a lot.

  • 2.5M residential IPs
  • Quality proxies
  • Huge number of cities
  • Browser extension
  • Expensive ($450/38GB)
Rating 9.3 / 10
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Another premium provider with many features and even more targeting options (such as carrier and ASN). Luminati has the widest range of tools to control your proxies.

  • 72M residential IPs
  • Very customizable
  • Many cities
  • Free trial
  • Expensive
  • Complex for beginners
Rating 9.2 / 10
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A great choice if you want residential IPs but have less money to spend. Smartproxy offers an attractive middle ground between features and price without compromising performance.

  • 40M residential IPs
  • Great performance
  • Easy to use
  • Browser extensions
  • Only 8 cities
Rating 9.1 / 10
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Crawlera's proxies access Craigslist with perfect success rates and even handle some of the scraping complexities for you. They're best suited for Craigslist scraping.

  • Perfect success rate
  • Smart proxy management
  • Pay only for success
  • 14-day trial
  • Limited locations
  • Entry plans lock features
Rating 9.0 / 10
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Blazing SEO

If you find residential proxies too expensive or unnecessary, consider Blazing SEO. It sells dedicated IPs in 19 major US cities with impressive speeds and no bandwidth limits.

  • Dedicated proxies
  • 19 cities to choose from
  • Inexpensive
  • Free trial
  • Datacenter IPs
  • No proxy rotation
Rating 8.6 / 10
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Another good choice if you prefer datacenter proxies. Similar to Blazing SEO; the main difference is more cities (28 vs 19) and a bigger price. You can refresh the IPs monthly.

  • Good speeds
  • Dedicated proxies
  • 28 cities to choose from
  • 3-day refund
  • 100 thread limit
  • Datacenter IPs
Rating 8.5 / 10
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The Main Uses of Craigslist Proxies

Craigslist Proxies to Avoid Geographical Restrictions

As you probably already know, Craigslist caters to local communities. It imposes geographical restrictions both on country and city level. As a result, you won’t be able to post anything on the New York board if you live, say, in the UK. If you try, you’ll find Craigslist blocking your IP address.

Does that mean your business should forgo Craigslist as a sales platform? Not necessarily. Simply use a Craigslist proxy server, and it will make you look like a local.

Proxies for Scraping Craigslist

Unlike many other online platforms, Craigslist does not have an API for data retrieval. In other words, you can’t collect data from it automatically – you’d effectively have to copy it by hand. Thankfully, you can use a Craigslist scraper to get the information you need. There are multiple tools you can use for the task, such as Scrapy, Phantom Buster, or Python Craigslist Scraper.

No matter which tool you use, you’re going to need proxies. Without them, Craigslist will quickly detect an unusual number of requests and block your IP from the website. This will mark the end of your Craigslist scraping. With good residential proxies, however, you’ll be able to scrape Craigslist en masse without getting blocked.

What data do people want from Craigslist, exactly? Some internet users scrape Craigslist to keep an eye on items that are being sold (tickets, for example). Others use scrapers to find something for personal use. Businesses use Craigslist proxies to retrieve website data so that they can generate leads. Usually, they go through the postings and collect email addresses.

Proxies for Craigslist Posting

Did you know that Craigslist actually allows bulk posting? There are only a few small details. To use the Craigslist API, you have to:

a) Be a high volume poster (post hundreds of ads every month)
b) Limit your posts to three categories: jobs (offered), apartment rentals (in the NYC only), for sale by dealer.
c) Be selected on a case-by-case basis by Craigslist itself.

Everyone else is limited to one advertisement in one category once every 48 hours. Pretty disappointing, right? Don’t worry, there’s a way around it. You’ll need a Craigslist proxy server to post multiple ads successfully.

However, even with proxies, you need to keep some things in mind. Use separate proxies for separate postings. Don’t make posts at the same time; they should be at least slightly different and without spammy words such as “free” or “weight loss.” Don’t use free proxies.

How to Choose a Craigslist Proxy

Here’s a few tips for getting your Craigslist proxies right the first time:

  • Get residential IPs for scraping – they rotate automatically, so residential proxies will be much easier to work with. They are also harder to identify as proxies and consequently block.
  • Prefer residential IPs for new listings – residential proxies usually include more locations to choose from, especially cities. If you don’t need that, dedicated datacenter proxies should do just fine – and cost less.
  • Choose a provider with many locations (and make sure you can actually target them) – this is to ensure you’ll be able to access whichever Craigslist board you need. But finding a provider with high location coverage isn’t enough – you must also be able to target them.
  • Don’t buy SOCKS5 proxies – they won’t bring you any benefits, only extra expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Craigslist Proxies

What Is a Craigslist Proxy?

A Craigslist proxy is an IP address you can use to hide your real IP addresses, scrape data from Craigslist, get around phone verification, make multiple posts, avoid location restrictions or stay anonymous.

Where Can I Buy Craigslist Proxies?

You can buy them from any of the providers on our list.

Why Is Craigslist Blocking My IP Address?

There can be multiple reasons. You might be trying to post more listings than Craigslist allows. Or if you’re scraping the platform, you might have made too many requests too quickly. Craigslist proxies can help overcome these issues and unblock your Craigslist IP address.

Can I Use a Craigslist VPN?

Yes, but it works best when you want to avoid geographical restrictions. If you’re looking to post multiple ads or scrape Craigslist, proxies are a better choice.