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SOAX Significantly Cuts Prices, Tests Single-Country Pools

The provider now charges the same rates for all proxy types.
Adam Dubois
SOAX, the UK-registered proxy server vendor, has made its proxies up to five times cheaper. In addition, the provider is trying out single-location packages that give access to IPs in one country.

New Pricing

SOAX has reviewed its pricing with new plans and rates. The cheapest option still starts at $99, but the provider has introduced additional plans for more gradual scaling.

soax pricing table

What’s more, SOAX has unified the rates among all three products, meaning that its residential, mobile, and ISP proxies now cost the same amount per gigabyte.

And finally, SOAX has cut the prices throughout the full range, making its proxies up to two or, in the case of mobile IPs, five times cheaper:

soax new rates 2023

If these prices last, SOAX will have the cheapest mobile proxy network among major providers and a highly competitive residential proxy service.

Single-Country Packages

In addition to the pricing overhaul, SOAX is also trying out single-country packages. They give access to proxies in one location at a reduced rate. The available locales include multiple BRICS members, Western European countries, Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt.
Soax single country pools with prices

Unlike the regular plans, the provider’s specialized packages start at $24 for 4 GB of data. They target budget-conscious customers who may not need full access to the proxy pool.

Single-country plans have long been a feature of Eastern European proxy providers, but few major vendors currently use this practice.

Bottom Line

SOAX has jumped onto the price cutting train. This was both an expected and needed move, as the provider had become one of the more expensive premium options. Now, its proxies are priced very competitively, even among mid-market competitors. However, there’s still no way to pay as you go, which can be considered a market standard by now.

SOAX’s willingness to sacrifice profit margins, together with recent scraper product releases, shows that the company is looking to expand market share aggressively. Venture capital, company growth, and Bright Data’s preoccupation with legal disputes all play a part in this power play.

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