Infatica Makes Its Mobile Proxies Up to 50% Cheaper

The already well-priced service becomes even more so.

Just two months after launching its mobile proxy service, the Singapore-based proxy provider Infatica is making significant price cuts.

To be more precise, the rates are now up to 50% cheaper across the board:

3 GB10 GB20 GB50 GB100 GB
New price/GB$15$13$12$10$8
Old price/GB$30$25$20$18$15

The change makes Infatica the least expensive option among premium providers (with the exception of SOAX, which is currently running a limited time offer). Not only that – its rates have approached, and even beat, some residential proxy services.

infatica mobile proxy price comparison

Infatica’s move likely comes in response to the mobile proxy price war, which major proxy providers have been waging this summer. The competition began with Bright Data cutting its rates, followed by Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and now Infatica.

Will SOAX be next? We expect to find out soon.

Adam is a co-founder of Proxyway. He spends way too much time researching and writing about proxies.

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