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Smartproxy Temporarily Cuts Residential Proxy Prices

All May, the provider’s proxies will cost up to 35% less.
Adam Dubois

Smartproxy, the international provider of web scraping infrastructure, has announced a temporary reduction of its residential proxy prices. 

The rates have gone down by 10-35%, affecting entry plans the most and reaching into the enterprise territory. 

Smartproxy has also introduced a new plan called Nano. With 2 GB of data, it bridges the provider’s pay-as-you-go option and the formerly cheapest 8 GB Micro plan. 

Here’s how the before and after prices compare:

 PAYG (1 GB)Nano (2 GB)Micro (8 GB)Starter (25 GB)Regular (50 GB)Advanced (100 GB)Premium (250 GB)Professional (50 GB)
Old price/GB$12.5$11$10$9$8$7$6$5
New price/GB$8.5$7$6.5$6$5.6$5.2$4.8$4.4

The new pricing applies both to first-time and recurring purchases made throughout May. Once claimed, the rates will apply for a year. 

With these changes, Smartproxy shows that it’s willing to aggressively fight for lower market segments where the competition has increased thanks to providers like IPRoyal and Webshare. This isn’t the company’s first attempt to move downmarket – in December, it introduced a new low-cost datacenter proxy product.


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