Bright Data Cuts Mobile Proxy Prices by 40%

If permanent, this change makes the provider among the cheaper options for premium mobile IPs.

Bright Data, the provider of data extraction tools and services, has significantly reduced the prices of its mobile proxy network. 

To be precise, the rates are now cheaper by 40% throughout the pricing range:

Pay as you goGrowth ($500+)Business ($1,000+)
New price$24/GB$20.40/GB$18/GB
Old price$40/GB$34/GB$30/GB

Bright Data used to have by far the highest rates, even among premium providers. The reduction, if permanent, makes it cheaper than most alternatives in the segment and competitive with mid-range providers like Smartproxy.

bright data mobile proxy price change comparison

Having said that, the graph above fails to account for features that Bright Data considers premium, such as city or carrier targeting, which effectively double the base rate. 

In any case, lower prices are always good for us, the customers.

Adam is a co-founder of Proxyway. He spends way too much time researching and writing about proxies.

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