Smartproxy Cuts Mobile Proxy Prices, Adds Pay as You Go

The mobile proxy price wars continue.

Smartproxy, the international provider of proxies and web scraping infrastructure, has made its mobile proxies cheaper and more approachable.

First, the provider has introduced an option to pay as you go. It’s now possible to buy a gigabyte of traffic at a flat rate of $21 without subscribing. This traffic remains available for a year.

Second, Smartproxy has cut the prices of its subscription-based plans, making them up to 20% cheaper:

1 GB2 GB10 GB25 GB50 GB100 GB
New price/GB$21$19$18$17$16$15
Old price/GB$25$23$20$18$16

The change once again makes Smartproxy one of the best value options among major providers. It comes in response to the significant price cuts recently made by Bright Data and Oxylabs.

smartproxy mobile proxy price comparison

Normally, we’re against fighting, but in this case – do continue!

Adam is a co-founder of Proxyway. He spends way too much time researching and writing about proxies.

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