Adam Dubois

Proxy geek and developer.
Cheaper entry plans, up to 60% better rates, still no pay-as-you-go.
With a quick one-two, the provider exerts even more pressure on the competition.
Nimble joins the ranks of our covered providers.
The fifth annual web scraping conference will take place online on September 25.
The product covers 16 countries and comes with unlimited traffic.
The company shifts focus to individuals and small businesses.
The service offers IPs registered under American and French internet service providers.
The provider also reorganized its pricing scheme.
In essence, the provider’s mobile proxies just got 65% cheaper.
The document describes Rayobyte’s three-pronged approach against bad actors.
Our impressions from Bright Data’s first virtual conference on web scraping.
The provider’s plans now give significantly more traffic for the same price.

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