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Oxylabs Cuts Mobile Proxy Prices by up to 30%

Starting from $22/GB, it’s like a happy hour for Oxylabs’ customers – except it lasts all day, every day.

Adam Dubois

Oxylabs, the Lithuanian proxy and web scraping infrastructure provider, has revamped the pricing of its mobile proxy product. 

The rates have gone down from 5% to 30%, affecting the pay as you go plan the most. Here’s how the before and after prices compare:

 Pay as you goStarter Advanced Premium VentureBusinessCorporate
New price$22/GB$20/GB$19/GB$17/GB$16/GB$15/GB$14/GB
Old price$30/GB$25/GB$22/GB$19/GB$17/GB$16/GB$15/GB

With the recent reduction, Oxylabs now offers some of the cheapest mobile proxies in the market. So, the competition better be prepared because they’re about to break a sweat trying to keep up. Here’s how Oxylabs compares to the alternatives:

oxylabs mobile proxy pricing comparison

The price cuts were expected, as Oxylabs’ main competitor in the premium segment, Bright Data, also dropped its mobile proxy prices earlier this month. Who knew the proxy world could be so dramatic?

Both providers are fighting a price-cutting duel that’s making Game of Thrones look like child’s play. Winter might be coming, but these prices are going down faster than the Night King. We can only expect other providers to join the battle in the upcoming months.

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