You can buy between 20 and 500 IPs with optional free rotation.
The feature comes included in the base price, which is now up to 33% cheaper.
Our impressions from the annual web scraping conference.
The selection includes five types of data, ranging from e-commerce products to job postings.
The conference’s line-up includes six presentations and two panel discussions.
Starting from $22/GB, it’s like a happy hour for Oxylabs’ customers – except it lasts all day, every day.
This year's OxyCon will take place on September 13.
The customers can now buy from 1GB to 30GB of traffic without talking to the sales team, large-scale businesses have four new options.
The provider makes it easier to pick up its web scraping APIs and clarifies enterprise pricing.
The premium provider becomes more affordable for the smaller customer segment, and customizes its enterprise plan for large businesses.
The spiritual successor to Next-Gen Residential Proxies integrates as a proxy server and automatically handles website protection mechanisms.
The provider also adds two new features applicable to all scraper APIs.