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Oxylabs Launches ISP Proxies

The service offers IPs registered under American and French internet service providers.

Adam Dubois
Oxylabs, the Lithuanian provider of web scraping tools and services, has launched a new ISP proxy product. It offers a list of semi-dedicated (shared with up to 3 users) IPs associated with major consumer internet service providers.

For now, Oxylabs sells ISP proxies in the US and France. It advertises five premium ASNs: AT&T, Comcast, Lumen, Frontier, and Orange. The provider plans to add more in the near future.

Oxylabs’ ISP proxies are accessible via a gateway server. Customers can create sessions that don’t expire, and there’s also the ability to rotate IPs as needed, making proxy management easier. The service supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols. 

Technically, the product comes with unlimited bandwidth, but there’s a fair usage policy that limits the number of concurrent connections to 100 per IP.

Oxylabs uses a pay-per-IP pricing model. The cheapest plan starts at $21 for 10 IPs ($2.1/IP). It’s possible to get up to 1,000 IPs through self-service with the unit price at $1.50 per IP address. Compared to other ISP proxy services, Oxylabs outprices some competitors like Rayobyte by offering competitive rates across various pricing tiers.

 10 IPs20 IPs50 IPs100 IPs200 IPs500 IPs1000 IPs

We had the chance to test Oxylabs’ ISP proxies beforehand. The provider stays true to its claims – the proxies are performant and very fast. The infrastructure let us down very few times, so its customers can expect an almost perfect success rate and a response time in milliseconds.

GatewayAvg. success rateAvg. response time
US99.97%0.06 s

The ISP proxies were able to access challenging targets smoothly as well.  We tested the product on Google and Amazon.

WebsiteAvg. success rateAvg. response time
Google100%1.1 s
Amazon96.36%2.9 s

Oxylabs’ semi-dedicated ISP proxies are already available for purchase.

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