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Oxylabs Announces 2024’s OxyCon

The fifth annual web scraping conference will take place online on September 25.

Adam Dubois
oxycon 2024 hero
Oxylabs, the Lithuanian provider of data extraction tools and services, has announced 2024’s OxyCon, an annual conference on web scraping.  This year, OxyCon is set to take place on September 25. The event will be held online, accessible after registering on the designated webpage. Participation is free of charge.  The conference will focus on three areas:
  1. Fueling business with public web data
  2. Mastering AI & advanced web scraping techniques
  3. Optimizing web scraping operations
The list of speakers is yet to be announced. Last year’s OxyCon featured 15 speakers and over 2,200 registered attendees. We covered it in our blog post here Registration for 2024’s event is already open. All participants will get live and on-demand access to the talks. There’s also a Discord community to discuss OxyCon-related, as well as broader topics surrounding public web data collection.  OxyCon is one of the three major conferences dedicated to web scraping. The second one, Zyte’s Web Data Extraction Summit, will take place in October in Austin, while Bright Data’s ScrapeCon already happened this April (you can find our recap here).

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