Oxylabs Launches Self-Service for Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

You can buy between 20 and 500 IPs with optional free rotation.

Oxylabs, the Lithuanian provider of web scraping tools and services, has launched self-service functionality for its dedicated datacenter proxies.

Until recently, you had to buy the product through a sales process. Now, it is possible to do so without any human interaction.

Here are the key details about the self-service option:

  • You can buy anywhere between 20 and 500 IPs.
  • The available locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, and Brazil. You’re free to distribute proxies among multiple countries.
  • The proxies come as an endpoint with different ports. It’s possible to view the underlying IPs but not connect to them directly.
  • Oxylabs allows rotating the IPs automatically by using a specific port number.
  • The service supports HTTP and HTTP(S) but not the SOCKS5 protocol.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade the plan as needed in the dashboard.

Oxylabs’ managed onboarding remains available for enterprise clients. Compared to the self-service option, it grants direct access to an IP list instead of an endpoint, supports more locations (188 countries), and enables SOCKS5 connectivity.

The pricing for self-service dedicated datacenter proxies begins from $2.5 per IP address and reaches $2/IP at 500 proxies. It’s possible to refund the product within 3 days.

Adam is a co-founder of Proxyway. He spends way too much time researching and writing about proxies.

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