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Oxylabs Launches Self-Service for Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

You can buy between 20 and 500 IPs with optional free rotation.
Adam Dubois

Oxylabs, the Lithuanian provider of web scraping tools and services, has launched self-service functionality for its dedicated datacenter proxies.

Until recently, you had to buy the product through a sales process. Now, it is possible to do so without any human interaction.

Here are the key details about the self-service option:

  • You can buy anywhere between 20 and 500 IPs.
  • The available locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, and Brazil. You’re free to distribute proxies among multiple countries.
  • The proxies come as an endpoint with different ports. It’s possible to view the underlying IPs but not connect to them directly.
  • Oxylabs allows rotating the IPs automatically by using a specific port number.
  • The service supports HTTP and HTTP(S) but not the SOCKS5 protocol.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade the plan as needed in the dashboard.

Oxylabs’ managed onboarding remains available for enterprise clients. Compared to the self-service option, it grants direct access to an IP list instead of an endpoint, supports more locations (188 countries), and enables SOCKS5 connectivity.

The pricing for self-service dedicated datacenter proxies begins from $2.5 per IP address and reaches $2/IP at 500 proxies. It’s possible to refund the product within 3 days.

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