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Oxylabs Cuts Residential Proxy Prices, Adds Coordinate Targeting

The feature comes included in the base price, which is now up to 33% cheaper.

Adam Dubois
Oxylabs, the Lithuanian provider of web scraping tools and services, has decreased the prices of its residential proxies. It’s also added the ability to target IPs by coordinates.

Residential Price Changes

Oxylabs’ residential proxies have become up to 33% cheaper. The change affects entry plans the most and tapers off at scale.

At the same time, the provider has made some adjustments to its plan line-up. A new entry plan called Micro has appeared, which grants nearly 11 GB of data for $100. Furthermore, buying 500 GB of data is no longer possible – you can choose either 250 GB or 1 TB.

Pay as You Go
Micro ($99)
Starter ($300)
Advanced ($600)
Premium ($800)
Venture ($1,750)
Corporate ($4,000)
New price /GB
Old price /GB

Oxylabs likely implemented these changes in response to the broader market movement. Within the last few months, multiple providers have reduced their prices, including SmartproxySOAX, and Bright Data.

While Oxylabs remains among the more expensive options, the new rates keep it competitive with other premium proxy vendors:

Coordinate Targeting

Together with the price changes, Oxylabs has added a new feature to its residential and mobile proxy networks – the ability to select IPs by coordinates. The option comes included in the base package, together with country, city, state, and ASN, and ZIP code targeting.

The feature allows specifying a longitude, latitude, and accuracy radius (at least 10 miles). Oxylabs will then fetch an IP based on these parameters.

Coordinate targeting functions as a custom header you have to pass to the gateway server:

					curl -x pr.oxylabs.io:7777 -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD" --proxy-header "X-Oxylabs-Geolocation: 49.9235:-97.0811;10" https://ip.oxylabs.io

The feature seems highly situational. But it can also be indispensable for the people who need it, considering that very few proxy providers offer similar functionality.

Bottom Line

Cheaper rates? Yes, please. Oxylabs won’t break any price records, but that’s not really the aim – it’s to maintain a competitive edge. I can also see other, less obvious benefits: in particular, very precise targeting options that aren’t available elsewhere or cost extra to get.

Who will be next to answer the call? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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