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Oxylabs Lowers Mobile Proxy Prices by Up to 60%

The provider also reorganized its pricing scheme. 

Adam Dubois

Oxylabs, the Lithuanian provider of data extraction tools and services, has updated the pricing scheme of its mobile proxy network. 

The change shuffles around pricing plans and reduces rates by up to 60% across the board.

 New PriceOld Price
Pay As You Go$9$22
Micro$99 ($8.5/GB)
Starter$300 ($8/GB)$200 ($20/GB)
Advanced$600 ($8/GB)$380 ($19/GB)
Premium$800 ($6.5/GB)$850 ($17/GB)
Venture$1,750 ($6/GB)$1,600 ($16/GB)
Business$3,000 ($15/GB)
Corporate$3,000 ($5/GB)$4,200 ($14/GB)

The table above may be a little confusing, so here’s a more standardized comparison:

 New Price/GBOld Price/GBDifference
1 GB$9$22-59%
10 GB$9$20-55%
20 GB$8.50$19-55%
50 GB$8$17-53%
100 GB$7.50$16-53%
250 GB$6.50$15-57%

In a broader context, Oxylabs now costs less than most enterprise and even some mid-range competitors. Its rates are effectively the same as Bright Data’s, if you don’t enable the latter provider’s premium features like city targeting. 

oxylabs mobile proxy price comparison may 2024

This is Oxylabs’ second mobile proxy price decrease since June 2023. It comes as a part of a broader price race affecting most major proxy server providers. 

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