Bright Data

Adam sitting in a chair reading a newspaper
In essence, the provider’s mobile proxies just got 65% cheaper.
Our impressions from Bright Data’s first virtual conference on web scraping.
The rescheduled web scraping event will proceed in a week.
The second round of price cuts continues.
The dispute results in a complete win for the data collection infrastructure provider.
Meta fails to prove that Bright Data scraped data while logged in.
ScrapeCon will take place online on November 7.
The reduction affects all plans, including pay as you go.
Elon Musk’s pet social media network accuses the Israeli company of breaching its terms of service.
If permanent, this change makes the provider among the cheaper options for premium mobile IPs.
Cache Proxies, Site Health Monitor, and BrightBot are some of the company’s new tools to scrape responsibly.
The new product lets you control remote web browsers with built-in unblocking capabilities.

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Adam sitting in a chair reading a newspaper