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Bright Data Equalizes Residential and Mobile Proxy Rates

In essence, the provider’s mobile proxies just got 65% cheaper. 

Adam Dubois

Bright Data, the Israeli web data platform, has revised the pricing of its mobile proxy network. 

The rates are now identical to Bright Data’s residential proxy product – and also 65% cheaper compared to their previous iteration.

 Pay as you go$500$1,000$2,000
New price/GB$8.40$7.14$6.30$5.88
Old price/GB$24$20.40$18$16.80

Following the change, Bright Data has become an extremely affordable option for mobile proxies, beating most premium peers and competing neck and neck with mid-market providers. 

bright data mobile proxy price comparison

After the second price decrease within a year, Bright Data’s mobile IP network now costs one fifth of the price compared to this time in 2023. 

The move shows how ruthlessly proxy providers have been cutting costs in an effort to push out their competition. We also interpret this as a signal that peer-to-peer mobile proxies are losing their premium aura: SOAX chose the same pricing strategy last August, and it’s also been adopted by multiple minor providers like AnyIP and ASocks.

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