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Bright Data’s ScrapeCon to Take Place on April 2

The rescheduled web scraping event will proceed in a week. 

Adam Dubois
scrapecon promotional image

Bright Data, the Israeli web data platform, has announced the date for ScrapeCon, its virtual web scraping conference. 

The event will take place on April 2, or a week from now. Its allotted time is from 3PM to 7PM CEST. 

These four hours will fit in 10 sessions covering four main topics:

  1. Cloud-based web scraping,
  2. Data for AI,
  3. Scaling scraping, and
  4. The future of web data.

The list of speakers includes Bright Data’s staff, representatives from Kaggle, Rakuten, Ixigo, and Claro Analytics, as well as a selection of tech influencers like Tech with Tim and TiffInTech. 

Registration is free of charge. You can select to participate in some or all of the sessions.

The conference was originally planned for November 7. However, it had to be postponed due to the situation in Israel. 

ScrapeCon joins Zyte’s Extract Summit and Oxylabs’ OxyCon as the third major event dedicated to web data collection.

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