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Bright Data Reduces Residential Proxy Prices by 20%

The second round of price cuts continues. 

Adam Dubois

Bright Data, the Israeli web data platform, has reduced the prices of its residential proxy network.

The provider’s rates have become 20% cheaper across the board. This includes both subscription plans and the pay-as-you-go option.

 Micro ($10)>$500$500+$1,000+$2,000+
New /GB$5.04$8.40$7.14$6.30$5.88
Old /GB$6.30$10.50$8.92$7.78$7.35

While still not exactly cheap, Bright Data has taken a strong position to compete with other premium providers like NetNut and Oxylabs. However, that’s without enabling premium features like city targeting, which double the price. 

bright data residential price comparison march 2024

This is Bright Data’s second price revision in a year, following the 30% reduction in September. It comes on the heels of Smartproxy’s pricing changes and will likely fuel a new round of discounts in the market. 2024 is shaping to be a great year for proxy shopping. 

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