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The Best Proxies for Yeezy Supply & Adidas in 2024

The sneaker mania had its ups and downs, but many of you are probably still attempting to be the first to get the freshest kicks online. Adidas offers some of the most iconic series which include NMD, Ultra Boost, and, of course, Adidas Yeezy. And, due to the insane competition, loads of sneaker fans today use automated software – sneaker bots and sneaker proxies – to grab a pair. This page will help you find some of the best Yeezy proxies to power you through any release.

The Best Yeezy Proxies – Quick Summary:

  1. Smartproxy – the most prominent provider in the sneaker copping industry.
  2. Oxylabs – the best premium provider.
  3. Bright Data – the most technically versatile provider.
  4. Rayobyte – well-performant ISP proxies.
  5. SOAX – sneaker proxies with useful features out of the box.
  6. NetNut – ISP proxies for resellers.
  7. Infatica – affordable residential proxies with longer sticky sessions.

What Are Yeezy Proxies?

Yeezy proxies are IP addresses that you use to access Adidas and Yeezy Supply instead of your own IP. Proxies change your perceived location and identity in the eyes of shoe stores, and they can also improve your connection speed. By using several proxy IPs at once, your sneaker bot can cart multiple pairs without getting blocked.

Both Yeezy Supply and Adidas are hosted on the same platform called Demandware, but there’s an important difference between the two. Yeezy Supply only has a website in the US, so non-us Yeezy releases often drop on EU Adidas stores. Keep this in mind, as the IPs you’re using should be close to the physical locations of these servers.

What Proxies Work on Adidas & Yeezy Supply?

You’ll want to use residential or ISP sneaker proxies to cop these sites. We know that datacenter proxies are cheaper and faster. But they’re also much easier to detect, meaning that you’ll have a hard time getting through the queue. Besides, when Yeezy and Adidas use a queue system anyway, do you really need that much speed? So, swallow the cost and rent a residential Yeezy proxy server – it’ll pay off in the end.

More about the differences between residential and ISP proxies.

Do You Need Proxies for Adidas and Yeezy Supply?

It depends. If you have a slow internet connection, live in a country with no Adidas online stores, or if you want to cop multiple pairs from one release, then definitely yes. If you only want one pair but have rented or bought a bot, Yeezy proxies aren’t obligatory but they’ll let you make more attempts at winning the queue.

Some sneakerheads get by without bots or proxies using one of the manual copping methods. But if you want to resell, or simply make your life easier, Adidas proxies will help a great deal.

Picking the Best Yeezy Proxies

We’ve already established that the best Yeezy Supply proxies (and Adidas proxies, of course) will be residential or ISP addresses. Anything else you should know about them?

Yes. If you decide on ISP proxies, get a specialized sneaker plan if there’s one. Otherwise, your IP addresses may come from small and regional internet service providers, so you might as well use datacenter IPs – they’ll perform the same and be cheaper to boot. Then, rent proxies near the shoe store’s servers; while speed is no longer king, having fast proxies never hurts.

For rotating residential IPs, specialized plans don’t matter as much. Just make sure you can choose the right country, and that the IPs aren’t terribly slow. Another important thing is being able to keep the same IP address for at least 10 minutes (best 30 mins) for the queue. This is called a sticky session – always check if they’re available.

Our list of the best Yeezy proxy providers will let you choose from companies that meet these criteria perfectly. So, don’t worry about it too much, and pick a provider that’s suitable for your budget and aims. Good luck getting those Ws!

How to Use Proxies on Adidas & Yeezy Supply

You should use proxies together with your Adidas bot. If you don’t have one, feel free to check our list of the best sneaker bots. Most bots will have an area where you can simply paste your list of Yeezy proxy addresses, and then apply those IPs for your tasks. Have no less than one proxy per task.

If you’re not sure how a proxy IP looks like, here are two main formats:

  • IP address and port, for example: 
  • Hostname and port, for example: en.proxyprovider.net:10000

If you’re using the IP address and port format, you’ll just need to paste the list of IPs into your bot. If you have a hostname, its address will remain the same, and only port numbers will change. Behind each port, there’s a different IP.

Depending on your authentication method, you might also need to write down your username and password beside your IP address & port. So, the complete IP address can look something like this: en.proxyprovider.net:10000:username:password

The Best Adidas & Yeezy Proxy Providers in 2024


1. Smartproxy

The most prominent provider in the sneaker copping industry.

Smartproxy is a prominent provider in the sneaker copping industry. Both sneakerheads and resellers know that it delivers top-quality proxies.

One of the best things about Smartproxy is that you get access to a large – 40 million – proxy pool. The provider supports all relevant Yeezy Supply locations. The proxies are fast, stable, and can hold their own against the most premium providers. Oh, and to top that off, you can hold 30-min sticky sessions.

If you want ISP proxies, Smartproxy has them, too. They come with a smaller – 16,000 – proxy pool in the US. The ISP-registered addresses also rotate with every request, and their sticky sessions have no time limit. 

For those who need residential proxies for one drop, you can buy as little as 1 GB or get a monthly plan, so you won’t have to hunt for restocks or worry about proxies expiring after every release. Besides, Smartproxy offers some of the most competitive prices in the market.

It’s worth noting that Smartproxy is beginner-friendly. It works hard to make sure that the service is easy to use for those with no prior experience with proxies. In addition, the company provides fast and efficient customer support that’s eager to help you no matter your issue.


  • Proxy pool: 40M residential; 16K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: over 195 locations (residential); only the US (ISP) 
  • Rotation: every request, 10, 30 min (residential), indefinitely (ISP) 
  • Support: award-winning 24/7 support via chat or email 
  • Free trial: 3-day refund available.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $8.5 for 1 GB.  
  • ISP: $28 for 2 GB ($14/GB)
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Read the Smartproxy review for more information and performance tests.

Oxylabs logo

2. Oxylabs

The best premium provider.

Hands down, Oxylabs is the best premium provider of residential proxies. It focuses on delivering top-notch performance and great customer experience – you’ll even get a dedicated account manager.

The company owns the largest pool on the market: over 100M residential IPs and 100K ISP proxies. The residential proxies come from all locations worldwide, so you’ll never need to worry about insufficient targeting options. The ISP proxies mainly cover the US and some Western European countries. Both proxy types rotate with every connection request, but you can hold sticky sessions for 30 mins (residential) and up to five hours (ISP). 

After testing the residential proxies, we were pleasantly surprised because they demonstrated near-perfect speed, stability, and success rates most providers could only envy. 

We have to admit – Oxylabs’ service is suited for very large cooks or, even better, resellers. The main reason for this is the price – the ISP proxies cost way above the average.


  • Proxy pool: 100M residential; 100K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: every country (residential); the US and Western Europe (ISP) 
  • Rotation: every request, or up to: 30 minutes (residential), 5 hours (ISP) 
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, dedicated account manager 
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $10 for 1 GB.  
  • ISP: $340 for 20 GB ($17/GB).
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Read the Oxylabs review for more information and performance tests.

Bright Data logo

3. Bright Data

The most technically versatile provider.

Bright Data may not be a specialized sneaker proxy provider, but it still offers a good deal for large sneaker resellers. One of the biggest benefits lies in its strong infrastructure. Bright Data’s servers can handle a lot of heat and are unlikely to go down even during the most demanding releases.

Both the residential and ISP proxies are highly customizable. You can pick IPs from any location next to the sneaker stores and rotate them however you want. They perform very well and have fast speeds.

However, Bright Data isn’t perfect. The service is very expensive and technically demanding. Clearly, the provider aims at experienced users with technical knowledge. But if these downsides don’t scare you, Bright Data can be a great choice.


  • Proxy pool: 72M residential; 700K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: every country (residential); over 50 (ISP) 
  • Rotation: every request with customizable sticky sessions 
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, tickets, dedicated account manager
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $10.50 for 1 GB.  
  • ISP: $15/GB + $0.50/IP.
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Read the Bright Data review for more information and performance tests.

rayobyte logo

4. Rayobyte

Well-performing ISP proxies.

Rayobyte is another provider that takes good care of its infrastructure. And every year, it manages to surprise us during the tests with improved results. Besides that, it has decent customer service and is pretty easy to use. 

Rayobyte’s ISP proxies are one of the better in the market – they’re fast and performant. You can choose between shared addresses in the US or dedicated IPs in four countries. These proxies are spread throughout several ASNs, and you get monthly list refreshes. There’s an option to replace individual IPs on demand. 

The residential proxies cover more locations, but they come with inflexible sticky sessions – you can only hold the same IP address for as long as it’s available. The service has non-expiring traffic, so you don’t need to worry about your GBs disappearing after one month. 

What might force you to consider other options is the price and performance. Rayobyte’s ISP proxies are expensive, and residential IPs – slow.


  • Proxy pool: Unknown 
  • Locations: 150+ residential or 4 countries for ISP  
  • Rotation: every request, as long as available 
  • Support: 24/7 support via email, ticketing system, or live chat 
  • Free trial: 2-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $15 for 1 GB. 
  • ISP: $25 for 5 IPs ($5/IP).
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Read the Rayobyte review for more information and performance tests.

soax logo


Sneaker proxies with useful features out of the box.

If you’re looking to save some money and get many features out of the box, SOAX may be one of the better options on this list. It has lower rates than premium providers and pretty great customer support. 

SOAX puts a lot of effort into providing well-performing residential proxies. These addresses are near all the Yeezy and Adidas locations. When the stores put you in a queue, the provider will make sure that you’re not spotted as suspicious – you can hold the same IP for up to 60 minutes or choose a custom duration if you need one.

If you’re seeking ISP proxies in the US, SOAX has them, as well. These addresses are rotating, but you have an option to hold the same IP for up to 24 hours.

However, the service isn’t perfect. SOAX has a relatively small residential pool of 5 million IPs. This can increase your chances of getting IPs that have already been abused on Yeezy Supply. To add to that, you’ll get a limited number of ports and only subscription-based plans to choose from. 


  • Proxy pool: 5M residential; 100K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: over 150 countries (residential); only US (ISP) 
  • Rotation: residential from 90s to 600s (with custom options); up to 24 hours (ISP) 
  • Extras: limited API, node access (connect to an IP directly), customer success manager 
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat and tickets Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99 available.

Pricing starts from:

$99 for 15 GB ($6.6/GB) and 300 ports. 

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Read the SOAX review for more information and performance tests.


6. NetNut

ISP proxies for resellers.

Netnut was among the first to introduce ISP proxies. Today, it’s the largest ISP proxy provider that supplies a huge chunk of the reseller market. These IPs are faster than residential and cover all the relevant targeting locations for Yeezy Supply and Adidas stores. Another good thing is that the proxies don’t need to rotate, making them suitable for long drops.

While NetNut offers a good service, its plans are much more suited for resellers. Individual sneakerheads should check out NetNut’s side gig – Chi Proxies – that are specialized sneaker proxies. The provider also offers residential proxies, but they’re not as good as ISP addresses.

There are several problems we had with Netnut’s ISP service. First of all, the company clearly doesn’t give enough attention to user experience – at times, its service was frustrating to use. Secondly, the pricing is very expensive and based on traffic. 


  • Proxy pool: 52M (residential); 1M (ISP) 
  • Locations: 150+ (residential); 30+ (ISP) 
  • Rotation: every request or as long as the IP is available 
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for companies.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $350 for 20 GB ($17.50/GB). 
  • ISP: $100 for 5 GB ($20/GB). 

Read the NetNut review for more information and performance tests.

infatica logo

7. Infatica

Affordable residential proxies with longer sticky sessions.

After testing Infatica, we found that its residential proxy performance was surprisingly good, considering that other providers have set such high standards. 

Infatica controls 10 million peer-to-peer addresses and offers all the necessary locations for Yeezy supply and Adidas stores. In addition, you’ll get sticky sessions between 5 to 60 minutes, and there’re no limits on the number of threads you can run. 

What’s more, if you’re a reseller, Infatica scales really well beyond 1 TB of data. However, I wouldn’t recommend for one-off drops since there’s no option to buy less than 8 GB. 


  • Proxy pool: 10M peer-to-peer proxies 
  • Locations: 190 locations 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5  
  • Rotation: every request, or between 5 and 60 minutes 
  • Extras: 24/7 support via tickets, chat or email  
  • Support: extensive documentation 
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99 available.

starts from:

$96 for 8 GB ($12/GB). 

Read the Infatica review for more information and performance tests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yeezy Proxies

The best proxies for Yeezy Supply are residential and ISP addresses. While residential IPs are usually sufficient to cop on YS, for serious cooking, I’d suggest getting a mix of residential and ISP proxies.

If you only want a pair for yourself, proxy servers aren’t necessary. But they can still increase your chances of winning. If you’re after multiple pairs or using a sneaker bot, you’ll want to get Yeezy proxies.

They mostly are. The main difference between Yeezy Supply and Adidas is that the drops happen at different locations. YS’s releases happen in the US. Meanwhile, Adidas store servers are in the EU. That’s why you should make sure that your IPs match the precise location of the store you’re copping from.

You can use tools like Proxydrop’s Proxy Checker. We talk about it and other methods in our article on how to test proxies. Just note that shoe stores are a different beast during drops: both because the provider’s infrastructure can get overloaded and because they enable stricter anti-botting protection.

Chris Becker
Chris Becker
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