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The BestProxies for Adidas & Yeezy Supplyin 2021

The sneaker mania continues with more and more sneakerheads attempting to be the first to get the freshest kicks online. Adidas offers some of the most iconic series which include NMD, Ultra Boost, and, of course, Adidas Yeezy. And, due to the insane competition, loads of sneaker fans today use automated software – sneaker bots and proxies – to grab a pair. This page will help you find some of the best Yeezy proxies to power you through any release.

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Smartproxy strikes the perfect balance between being affordable enough for individual sneakerheads and offering all the right features. Used & recommended by many sneakerheads.

  • 40M residential proxies
  • Sticky IPs up to 30 mins
  • Fast proxies
  • Affordable
  • $75 still an investment
  • Traffic-based pricing
Rating 9.2 / 10
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Great for resellers, not so much for individuals. A huge pool of premium residential proxies with location targeting, sticky sessions & an API. Well maintained and stable IPs.

  • 100M residential IPs
  • Both static & rotating
  • Great performance
  • Free trial & refund
  • Starts from $300
  • Traffic-based pricing
Rating 9.1 / 10
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NetNut is a great choice for resellers that want ISP proxies. Probably the best for this type of IPs. Less so if you're an individual or just looking to buy a pair or two.

  • 5M static residential IPs
  • County & state targeting
  • No need to rotate IPs
  • Free trial
  • Starts from $300
  • Not the easiest to use
Rating 9 / 10
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Bright Data (Luminati)

Always a respectable choice, Bright Data has a large network of premium residential proxies. They come in static and rotating varieties and work great if you can stomach the price.

  • 72M residential proxies
  • Flexible IP rotation
  • Good performance
  • Pay as you go
  • Strict KYC procedure
  • Expensive
  • Super mainstream
Rating 8.9 / 10
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PacketStream sells very affordable residential proxies. The upside: they work well with sneaker sites. The downside: the pool is pretty small, so you might get abused IPs sooner.

  • 7M (?) residential IPs
  • Sticky sessions
  • Cheap
  • Pay as you go
  • Small proxy pool
  • $50 minimum deposit
Rating 8.6 / 10
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Proxydrop offers two Yeezy-optimized residential plans. Both hold the IP for up to 30 mins, are fast, and don't expire. A good option for individuals, esp. during quiet months.

  • Sneaker optimized IPs
  • Sticky sessions
  • Plans start from 1 GB
  • Proxies don't expire
  • Expensive per GB
  • Support not 24/7
Rating 8.5 / 10
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What Are Yeezy Proxies?

Yeezy proxies are IP addresses that you use to access Adidas and Yeezy Supply instead of your own IP. Proxies change your perceived location and identity in the eyes of shoe stores, and they can also improve your connection speed. By using several proxy IPs at once, your sneaker bot can cart multiple pairs without getting blocked. 

Both Yeezy Supply and Adidas are hosted on the same platform called Demandware. So, there’s not much difference between the two from the perspective of proxies. 

Do You Need Proxies for Adidas and Yeezy Supply?

It depends. If you have a slow internet connection, live in a country with no Adidas online stores, or if you want to cop multiple pairs from one release, then definitely yes. If you only want one pair but have rented or bought a bot, Yeezy proxies aren’t obligatory but they’ll let you make more attempts at winning the queue. 

Some sneakerheads get by without bots or proxies using one of the manual copping methods. But if you want to resell, or simply make your life easier, Adidas proxies will help a great deal. 

How to Use Proxies on Adidas & Yeezy Supply

You should use proxies together with your Adidas bot. If you don’t have one, feel free to check our list of the best sneaker bots. Most bots will have an area where you can simply paste your list of Yeezy proxy addresses, and then apply those IPs for your tasks. Have no less than one proxy per task. 

If you’re not sure how a proxy IP looks like, here are two main formats:

  • IP address and port, for example:
  • Hostname and port, for example: en.proxyprovider.net:10000

If you’re using the IP address and port format, you’ll just need to paste the list of IPs into your bot. If you have a hostname, its address will remain the same, and only port numbers will change. Behind each port, there’s a different IP. 

Depending on your authentication method, you might also need to write down your username and password beside your IP address & port. So, the complete IP address can look something like this: en.proxyprovider.net:10000:username:password

If you want to learn more about how the actual copping process works, you can read our tutorial on how to cop Yeezys with the Polaris Bot. 

What Type of Proxies for Yeezy Supply & Adidas?

You’ll want to use residential or ISP sneaker proxies to cop these sites. We know that datacenter proxies are cheaper and faster. But they’re also much easier to detect, meaning that you’ll have a hard time getting through the queue. Besides, when Yeezy and Adidas are using a queue system anyway, do you really need that much speed? So, swallow the cost and rent a residential Yeezy proxy server – it’ll pay off in the end. 

More about the differences between residential vs datacenter proxies

Picking the Best Yeezy Proxies

We’ve already established that the best Yeezy Supply proxies (and Adidas proxies, of course) will be residential or ISP addresses. Anything else you should know about them?

Yes. If you decide on ISP proxies, make sure to get a specialized sneaker plan. Otherwise, your IP addresses may come from small and regional internet service providers, so you might as well use datacenter IPs – they’ll perform the same and be cheaper to boot. Then, rent proxies near the shoe store’s servers; while speed is no longer king, having fast proxies never hurts. 

For rotating residential IPs, specialized plans don’t matter as much. Just make sure you can choose the right country, and that the IPs aren’t terribly slow. Another important thing is being able to keep the same IP address for at least 10 minutes for the queue. This is called a sticky session – always check if they’re available. 

Our list of the best Yeezy proxy providers will let you choose from companies that meet these criteria perfectly. So, don’t worry about it too much, and pick a provider that’s suitable for your budget and aims. Good luck getting those Ws!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yeezy Proxies

Do I Need to Use Yeezy Supply Proxies?

If you only want a pair for yourself, proxies aren’t necessary. But they can still increase your chances of winning. If you’re after multiple pairs or using a sneaker bot, you’ll want to get Yeezy proxies.

Are Yeezy Proxies the Same as Adidas Proxies?

Yup, they’re more or less the same. That’s why we cover them both in this article.

How to Test Proxies on Yeezy Supply?

You can use tools like the FOGLDN Proxy Tester. We talk about it and other methods in our article on how to test proxies. Just note that shoe stores are a different beast during drops: both because the provider’s infrastructure can get overloaded and because they enable stricter anti-botting protection.