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Smartproxy Slashes Residential Proxy Prices by Up to 25%

It’s the second price cut in less than a year. 

Adam Dubois

Smartproxy, the international provider of proxies and web scraping tools, has reduced the rates of its residential proxy network. It’s also introduced two new enterprise plans.

The price reduction affects all packages and varies between 12% and 25%. What’s interesting is that the changes are more pronounced at 250 GB and up – usually, it’s the entry plans that see the biggest cuts. 

Furthermore, Smartproxy has added additional enterprise plans for two and five terabytes of data. This suggests that the provider is looking to attract more large-scale clients, in addition to making its offering more attractive overall. 

The updated pricing table looks as follows:

1 GB (Pay as you go)$7-18%
2 GB$12 ($6/GB) -15%
8 GB$44 ($5.5/GB) -15%
25 GB$130 ($5.2/GB) -13%
50 GB$245 ($4.9/GB) -12%
100 GB$450 ($4.5/GB) -13%
250 GB$1,000 ($4/GB) -16.5%
500 GB$1,750 ($3.5/GB) -20%
1,000 GB$3,000 ($3/GB) -25%
2,000 GB (new)$5,600 ($2.8/GB) –
5,000 GB (new)$11,000 ($2.2/GB) –

Compared to other mid-range providers like IPRoyal or SOAX, Smartproxy’s rates are now among the lowest:

smartproxy residential prices march 2024

This is Smartproxy’s second residential proxy price decrease within a year, the first taking place last May. It prompted a competition with providers like Bright Data, Oxylabs, and SOAX, which reviewed their own rates throughout 2023. Apparently, there’s still more to come. 

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