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Oxylabs Introduces New Plans for Entry-Level and Enterprise Clients

The premium provider becomes more affordable for the smaller customer segment, and customizes its enterprise plan for large businesses.

Adam Dubois

Oxylabs, a Lithuanian proxy and web scraping infrastructure provider, started this year with lower prices and larger traffic limits for residential and shared datacenter proxy plans. 

The change comprises:

  • Lower price for the Premium residential proxy plan
  • New entry plan for shared datacenter proxies
  • New plans for enterprise customers

Changes in Regular Shared Datacenter and Residential Plans

The provider introduces a new plan with shared datacenter proxies called Micro, which costs $50 for 77 GB ($0.65/GB). This is the lowest price for subscription-based proxy plans at Oxylabs – before, the cheapest option started from $100.

Oxylabs shared dc new plans

Also, the Premium residential proxy plan, previously called Corporate, has become cheaper. For the same amount of traffic, users will pay less – the entry threshold dropped from $900 to $800 for 100Gb (from $9/GB to $8/GB).


The Enterprise Plan Splits into Four Options

Oxylabs split its enterprise plan into four options: Venture, Business, Corporate, and Custom+. The new plans are accessible via self-service in the dashboard, so customers won’t need to contact the sales team, except for the Custom+ plan.

Residential Proxies

From now on, Oxylabs’ business customers will be able to get from 250GB to 2TB of traffic through self-service. Here’s how the new enterprise plans line up:

Price per GB$7$6$4≤$3.75
Monthly price$1,750$3,000$4,000$7,500+

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Oxylabs also increased the maximum traffic for its on-display shared datacenter plans from 2TB to 10TB and more.

Price per GB$0.48$0.46$0.44≤$0.42
Monthly price$500$920$2,200$4,200+

Bottom Line

Last year, Oxylabs started targeting the lower segment of the industry. With the first update, it launched affordable rotating datacenter proxies. The second one introduced pay-as-you-go, and price cuts for old plans.

It seems that Oxylabs is serious about making its services more transparent and accessible for clients of all sizes. And it looks like it’s going in the right direction, especially when some cheaper providers have been increasing their prices quite aggressively.

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