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Oxylabs Introduces Shared Datacenter Proxies

The premium provider gets more affordable.

Adam Dubois

Lithuanian proxy provider Oxylabs has announced the launch of a new product – shared datacenter proxies. 

From now on, Oxylabs will offer two datacenter proxy solutions: shared and dedicated. Both products are well suited for public data collection, while giving the user more options.

As a premium proxy service provider, Oxylabs primarily targets mid to large business clients: its cheapest residential and dedicated datacenter proxy packages start from $300 and $180, respectively. But as of now, the provider has become more approachable to smaller businesses, with the shared datacenter proxy plans starting at $100 for 167 GB of data. 

Oxylabs offers five different pricing packages which are based on used web traffic. Each plan gives full access to a pool of 20,000 IPs. This contrasts with the provider’s dedicated datacenter plans where you pay per IP address. 

Starter167 GB$100
Business364 GB$200
Scale-up600 GB$300
Corporate1,042 GB$500
Enterprise2 TB+$1,000

Users will have the ability to target specific locations from six different countries: the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Romania, and Germany. A half of the IPs are located in the US, while the other countries share 2,000 addresses each. 

The shared proxy service can run unlimited sessions simultaneously, allowing the user to reach as many targets as wanted. And since these proxies rotate automatically, there’s also an option to hold the same IP address with sticky sessions.

Unlike the majority of Oxylabs’ services, the shared datacenter plans can be bought directly without contacting the sales team. 

The shared datacenter proxy services are already available.


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