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IPRoyal’s Home-Grown Residential Pool Reaches 250,000 Monthly IPs

The growth is fostered by the provider’s proxyware Pawns app.
Adam Dubois

Lithuanian proxy provider IPRoyal has announced that its own residential proxy pool has reached 250,000 monthly addresses. 

By own, the company means IPs gained through the IPRoyal Pawns app, which rents access to people’s bandwidth and IP address. 

IPRoyal used to offer two residential proxy pools: one resold from multiple sources, and one its own. However, in late October 2021, it had to discontinue the first pool after the source terminated the contract. At the time, the remaining proxy pool had around 100,000 monthly IPs, some borrowed from other providers. 

Our recent data suggests that IPRoyal may still resell some of its residential IPs. However, the figure of 250,000 doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Proxyware bandwidth-sharing apps like Pawns are usually advertised as an ethical method for procuring residential IPs (compared to embedding SDKs into popular apps with or without the user’s content). But the growth reaffirms that they can also have a real impact in building proxy networks. 

Until recently, the domain of proxyware apps was dominated by Honeygain and PacketStream. But in the single year of 2021, the number of similar apps more than tripled, IPRoyal being among the new entrants. You can read more about the proxyware landscape in this report.