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The BestProxies for Nike SNKRSin 2023

Nike SNKRS regularly drops the hottest shoes in the market. But getting your hands on them is notoriously hard. So much so that it’s made many a sneakerhead give up for easier stores. To increase your chances of copping a pair, you’ll need a Nike bot, verified accounts, and, of course, great SNKRS proxies. This page will point you to some of the best Nike proxy providers that have been faithfully serving Nike aficionados over the years.

A computer linking to a proxy server linking to a Nike logo


Smartproxy sells quality residential IPs for copping Nike. It’s well known and respected among sneakerheads for being easy to use and not charging a ton. Great customer support.

  • 40M residential IPs
  • All the locations
  • 30 min. rotation time
  • Affordable
  • Traffic-based pricing


Oxylabs is like Smartproxy on steroids: larger pool, more targeting options, and at the same time, much higher price. It’s a business-oriented provider, best for large sneaker use.

  • 100M residential IPs
  • 30 min. rotation time
  • Best performance
  • Extensive documentation
  • Expensive

Bright Data

Bright Data's features and infrastructure are second to none, so it’s always a provider to consider. The pricing is expensive, but you can pay as you go.

  • 72M residential IPs
  • Flexible rotation options
  • Versatile targeting
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Very expensive


Webshare has a robust (and affordable!) infrastructure of static residential IPs. The provider lets you play around with your subscription – choose features, number of IPs, etc.

  • 100,000 static residentia
  • Flexible pricing
  • Network priority
  • Absolute self-service
  • Mainly US locations
  • Only country targeting


Rayobyte’s ISP proxies are a smart choice for copping Nike. You get pretty much unlimited service – traffic, targets, and threads – but skimpy location coverage and pricing.

  • Major ASNs
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Monthly IP replacement
  • US-based locations
  • Expensive price/unit


SOAX sells cheaper than premium residential proxies. It offers flexible rotation and location targeting out of the box. Good customer service.

  • 5 M residential proxies
  • 150+ locations
  • Adjustable rotation
  • No pay as you go


Infatica offers many features with its residential proxy plans. You can filter up to ASN-level and keep the same IP up to 60-min while waiting in queue for Nike sneakers.

  • 10M residential proxies
  • 150+ locations
  • Scales at 1TB
  • Steep entry price


NetNut’s static residential proxies power probably half the reseller market. And rightfully so – they’re very well-optimized for cooking sneakers.

  • 1M ISP proxies
  • City targeting
  • Unlimited sticky sessions
  • Expensive
  • Mostly for resellers
  • No pay as you go

What Is a Nike Proxy?

A Nike proxy can be defined as an intermediary IP address that you use instead of your own IP to connect to Nike stores. In simple terms, each proxy is like a different identity in the eyes of Nike. It’s also a type of sneaker proxy.

Why Sneakerheads Use SNKRS Proxies

The reason for using SNKRS proxies is pretty simple: most Nike releases put you into a queue or raffle. The more entries you make, the better chances you have at winning. But you can’t really make many entries with one identity (IP address) – Nike will forbid that. 

This is where SNKRS proxies come in. They let you make more entries, whether you’re using a bot or trying to cop manually

There’s one more reason why you might want to use Nike proxies: maybe you live in a country with no local Nike store, or that website doesn’t have the release you’ve set your sights on.

The Different Types of SNKRS Drops

Nike has three kinds of releases: FLOW, LEO, and DAN. 

  • FLOW – the good old first come, first served type of release. It started being phased out a few years ago, and nowadays, FLOW drops are very rare. Some newer cooks haven’t even seen one, though others swear that on rare occasions they still happen. 
  • LEO – you have 2-3 minutes to enter and then you’re put into a queue after pressing Purchase. The system will then randomly choose from the entrants. Nike will start picking winners after a few minutes, so it’s best to enter early. If you don’t make it, the system will show that the shoe is “sold out”.
  • DAN – the last release type works like a raffle, and it’s reserved for the hottest sneakers. Nike gives everyone 10-30 minutes to enter into a draw and then selects the lucky winners. You’ll usually understand that you’re in a DAN drop if the system says “drawing starts on”. 

How to Find the Best Proxies for Nike SNKRS

The best proxies for Nike SNKRS are residential or ISP proxies. Residential proxies come from real residential users – their phones or computers connected to WiFi. ISP proxies are datacenter IP addresses registered under internet service providers. Nike stores have extremely tight security, so you need your IPs to look as real as possible. 

If you’re debating between residential and ISP proxies, there’s not much difference. Unlike Footsites, Nike doesn’t use much traffic, so the pricing model of residential IPs (pay for traffic) shouldn’t be an issue. Speed is also not super important, as you’re going to be in a queue anyway. Of course, we’re not saying that your proxies can be slow as molasses – just that (reasonably fast) residential IPs are okay. 

The two things to be mindful of are rotation time and location. Always use proxies in the same country as the Nike store you’re targeting. As for rotation, you should be able to keep the same IP for at least 10 minutes – ideally 30. If your IP changes while you wait in the queue, you might get kicked out. 

Regular Proxies vs Nike Proxies

Is there any difference between generic residential proxies and Nike proxies? If we’re talking about peer-to-peer residential IPs, then not really, as long as you pick the right location and rotation time. It matters more for ISP proxies – an optimized pool will ensure you’ll get working proxies from major consumer internet providers, and not some backwater regional ISP. 

What About Using Private Proxies for Nike?

We don’t recommend using private datacenter proxies, unless these are ISP proxies. You can try, but remember that copping Nike is expensive – it involves not only a bot but also costly Nike accounts. Datacenter IPs are much easier to detect than residential proxies, so they’re very likely to become the weak spot in your setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nike Proxies

Do I Need a Proxy Server for Copping Nike?

If you only want a pair, then proxies aren’t necessary. But then again: using them will let you enter the queue or raffle many more times, increasing your chances to win.

Datacenter or Residential Proxies for Nike?

We recommend residential or ISP proxies. Nike is a highly protected website, and you don’t need much speed for queue or raffle releases.

What Is the Best Nike Bot?

The Shit Bot has been doing really well for the past year. Dragon AIO, too, but it costs an arm and a leg.