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The Best Performing Footsite Proxies in 2024

Footsite stores are a prime place to get rare shoes for retail price. They sell most of the hottest drops – and are easier to cop than something like Nike if you have the right gear.

This page features a list of great Footsite proxy providers. We can’t guarantee that they’ll help you hit every time. But their Footsite proxies are some of the best we’ve tried and trusted over the years.

The Best Footsite Proxies – Quick Summary:

  1. Smartproxy – overall best Footsite proxy provider.
  2. Oxylabs – best premium residential proxy provider.
  3. Bright Data – most impressive infrastructure.
  4. Rayobyte – non-expiring proxies around the world.
  5. SOAX – footsite proxies with flexible rotation.
  6. NetNut – top pick for ISP proxy resellers.
  7. Infatica – residential proxies with sticky sessions up to 60 minutes.

What Are Footsite Proxies?

Footsite proxies are IP addresses optimized for buying sneakers from one of the Footsite stores: Footlocker, Footaction, EastBay, or Champs Sports. These optimizations usually involve the proxy type, location, and rotation:

  • Proxy type. Footsite stores are some of the most abused websites on the internet – after all, everyone wants to get those kicks. To combat that, they’ve implemented a strict security system against botting called Datadome. This means datacenter proxies may not work. The highest chance to cop is with residential or ISP proxies because they’re much harder to detect.  
  • IP location. You should get proxies in the same country where the store’s servers are located: US for Footaction, United Kingdom for Footlocker UK, and so on. You don’t need IPs in the same city: since Footsites moved to a queue system, proxy speed is no longer super important. 
  • Rotation settings. If you get rotating residential proxies, make sure they can hold the same IP for as long as possible (at least 10, ideally 30 minutes). That’s because Footsites put you in a queue that can last a while. If your IP changes while you wait, you’ll drop out. 

Footsite Proxies vs Regular Proxies

As we’ve established, Footsite proxies have rather specific requirements. Not all so-called regular proxies can fulfil them. But what about using general proxies that do meet the above criteria? Will they work?

Yes and no. It depends on which proxy type you choose:

  • Regular residential proxies should work just fine. Thing is, providers rarely bother to create separate pools for this kind of proxies. Peer-to-peer residential IPs come and go, and it’d be very hard to keep track of them all the time.  
  • Static residential proxies (ISP proxies) are different. Their generic pools include proxies from tiny regional ISPs that databases often identify as datacenter IPs. For example, when we tested NetNut, almost half of the IPs were shown as DC. In this case, you should always ask for sneaker proxy pools – they’ll likely have IPs from major consumer ISPs. 

What about regular sneaker proxies? Those should work, as long as you choose residential or ISP IPs. 

Why We Think These Providers Have the Best Proxies for Footsites

There are many specialized sneaker proxy providers on Twitter and Discord with Footsite proxies for sale. And yet, we’re mostly including the mainstream ones. Why? 

Thing is, building and maintaining a residential proxy pool is hard, and it’s very unlikely that the small providers can do it on their own. In fact, the vast majority of them simply resell the infrastructure of other companies, mostly those from our list. That doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to include the smaller providers – feel free to recommend any, and we’ll consider them. After all, even if the proxies are the same, the pricing plans and other details might differ. 

The second argument is that we know the providers on our list very well. We’ve tested and used them for years, and they’ve proven to be very reliable for sneaker copping. 

Do Footsites Have CAPTCHAs?

Yes, they do. You’ll need to set up a CAPTCHA harvester to farm one-click Gmail accounts. This will require proxies, but using residential or ISP IPs from providers above will be an overkill. Instead, you should look for CAPTCHA proxies for this task, which are basically cheap datacenter IPs that can access Google. 

Other Advice to Help You Cop from Footsites

  • You don’t always need to use proxies for Footsites. Your local IP can also work with sneaker bots, but you won’t be able to create many tasks this way.  
  • Footsites use a lot of traffic. They’ve added a .gif in the queue that can quickly eat through your bandwidth allowance. 
  • You can still try datacenter IPs. They might get blocked more often. But, considering the previous point, they also cost less and don’t have traffic limits. It’s a trade-off. 
  • Have separate billing profiles for tasks. Footsites have implemented a very strict payment processor called Adyen. If you use the same profile for multiple tasks, you’ll likely receive cancellation emails. 
  • Consider buying from different locations, as well. Even if you live in the US, copping from other countries can increase your chances of winning. Just make sure they actually deliver to your location.
  • Even the best proxies won’t work 100% of the time. Copping from Footsites involves many moving parts, proxies being only one of them. A lot depends on your sneaker bot, the right setup, and sometimes pure luck.

The Best Footsite Proxies in 2024


1. Smartproxy

Overall best Footsite proxy provider.

If you need proxies that work – Smartproxy has you covered. The company has made a name for itself as one of the most efficient proxy providers. That’s what makes it a top pick among sneakerheads.

What does the provider have to offer? To put it simply – a bang for your buck. Smartproxy is rather affordable. And the best thing is that you don’t need to get a monthly plan – Smartproxy offers pay-as-you-go at a better rate than most sneaker proxy providers.

Let’s walk through what actually makes the price worth it. First of all, the residential proxies are fast. Then there are many locations covering all of those needed for Footsites. In addition to that, you’ll receive great customer support. Oh, these proxies are also easy to use, even if you have no prior experience. Pair all this with 30-min sticky sessions, and you have all your sneaker copping needs covered. 

Well, almost all. If you have an eye for ISP proxies, you’ll get locations only in the US, but overall, the proxies perform well.


  • Proxy pool: 40M residential; 16K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: over 195 locations (residential); only the US (ISP) 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5 
  • Rotation: every request, 10, 30 min (residential), indefinitely (ISP) 
  • Extras: API, browser extension, anti-detect browser, extensive documentation 
  • Support: award-winning 24/7 support via chat or email 
  • Free trial: 3-day trial available (residential), 14-day money-back option (ISP).

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $7 for 1 GB.  
  • ISP: $28 for 2 GB ($14/GB)
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Read the Smartproxy review for more information and performance tests.

Oxylabs logo

2. Oxylabs

Best premium residential proxy provider.

Think of Oxylabs as Smartproxy on steroids. It’s a premium provider with the biggest residential proxy pool in the market you can definitely trust. Copping is made easy with 30-min sticky sessions and all the relevant locations. 

The provider also has ISP proxies in the US and Western Europe. These addresses rotate with every request, and the rotating plan allows you to hold sticky sessions up to 5 hours. 

Both proxy types are high-quality, stable, and reliable. It’s true; we tested them. To top it all off, Oxylabs offers a dedicated account manager who will swiftly come to assist you.

Oxylabs’ ISP proxies are pretty expensive – the entry price is steep, and cost per unit is above the market’s average. 


  • Proxy pool: 100M residential; 100K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: every country (residential); the US and Western Europe (ISP) 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5 
  • Rotation: every request, or up to: 30 minutes (residential), 5 hours (ISP) 
  • Extras: API, browser extension, extensive documentation 
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, dedicated account manager 
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $8 for 1 GB.  
  • ISP: $340 for 20 GB ($17/GB).
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Read the Oxylabs review for more information and performance tests.

Bright Data logo

3. Bright Data

Most impressive infrastructure.

I know you’ve probably heard many things about Bright Data, some bad, some good. But the most important thing you should know is that the provider has an impressive residential proxy infrastructure. It’s unlikely to go down even during the most demanding release. You can target any Footsite location and rotate the proxies however you like. By the way, Bright Data’s IP pool is the second largest on the market.

In addition to that, the provider offers ISP proxies. They are also customizable both in terms of locations and rotation settings. 

But not everything is as bright here as it may seem. The price is hefty for individuals, and Bright Data technically doesn’t allow reselling for larger clients. There’s a bucketload of settings, so newbies may find this provider a bit too hard to use.


  • Proxy pool: 72M residential; 700K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: every country (residential); over 50 (ISP) 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5 
  • Rotation: every request with customizable sticky sessions 
  • Extras: API, browser extension, Proxy Manager, extensive documentation  
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, tickets, dedicated account manager
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $8.40 for 1 GB.  
  • ISP: $15/GB + $0.50/IP.
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Read the Bright Data review for more information and performance tests.

rayobyte logo

4. Rayobyte

Non-expiring proxies around the world.

Rayobyte is well-known for its datacenter proxy powerhouse, but it also sells performant residential and ISP proxies. The residential addresses cover all main locations, they rotate with every request but you can keep the same IP for as long as it’s available. The ISP proxies, on the other hand, mostly come in the US and are static.

The best part about Rayobyte’s residential proxies is that your traffic will never expire – you can buy proxies in bulk at a lower price and use them whenever you like. So, don’t worry about using the monthly quota or that the proxies will disappear after a release.

But not all’s rosy. Besides having inflexible rotation, Rayobyte is also an expensive provider if you buy less than 50 GBs. For example, its residential proxies cost the same as premium providers offer ($15/GB). The ISP proxies are even more expensive – $5/IP, and you’ll have to spend at least $25.


  • Proxy pool: Unknown 
  • Locations: 150+ residential or 4 countries for ISP  
  • Protocols: HTTP(S) 
  • Rotation: every request, as long as available 
  • Extras: extensive documentation 
  • Support: 24/7 support via email, ticketing system, or live chat 
  • Free trial: 2-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $7.50 for 1 GB. 
  • ISP: $25 for 5 IPs ($5/IP)
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Read the Rayobyte review for more information and performance tests.

black soax logo


Footsite proxies with flexible rotation.

SOAX is one of a few providers whose performance surprises us every year. The residential proxies are high in quality and perform relatively well.

Compared to other providers on this list, SOAX’s IP pool is a bit smaller; despite that, it covers all the relevant locations.

In addition to that, you can rotate between IPs with every connection request, keep the same IP until it becomes unavailable, hold sticky sessions from 90s to 600s, or specify a custom duration.

However, it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for ISP proxies. For now, the proxies support locations only in the US, and you can create sticky sessions that last up to 24 hours. Besides, both products are only subscription-based.


  • Proxy pool: 5M residential; 100K ISP addresses 
  • Locations: over 150 countries (residential); only US (ISP) 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S) over SOCKS5 
  • Rotation: residential from 90s to 600s (with custom options); up to 24 hours (ISP) 
  • Extras: limited API, node access (connect to an IP directly), customer success manager Support: 24/7 via live chat and tickets Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99 available.

Pricing starts from:

$99 for 15 GB ($6.6/GB) and 300 ports.  

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Read the SOAX review for more information and performance tests.


6. NetNut

Top pick for ISP proxy resellers.

If you’re specifically looking for ISP proxies, NetNut is where they’re at. This provider supplies probably half of the market. However, it’s mostly through resellers or NetNut’s own brand Chi Proxies.

You might also consider NetNut’s residential proxies – they’re pretty good too. They come with many locations and are quite performant. However, you’ll only be available to keep the same address for as long as it’s available.

What we don’t like about this provider is the lacking user experience, which is especially tough on newbies. The provider focuses mainly on large businesses, so the entry and price per gigabyte are way above the market’s average.


  • Proxy pool: 52M (residential); 1M (ISP) 
  • Locations: 150+ (residential); 30+ (ISP) 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5 
  • Rotation: every request or as long as the IP is available 
  • Extras: API (for resellers) Support: 24/7 via email, Skype (larger plans) 
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for companies.

Pricing starts from:

  • Residential: $350 for 20GBs ($17.50/GB). 
  • ISP: $100 for 5 GBs ($20/GB). 

Read the NetNut review for more information and performance tests.

infatica logo

7. Infatica

Residential proxies with sticky sessions up to 60 minutes.

Infatica is the only provider on this list that sells only residential proxies. But don’t get fooled – the provider puts a lot of effort into keeping the infrastructure robust.

Its residential proxies are quite a good deal. You’ll find all the necessary Footsite locations, and Infatica will ensure you won’t lose your connection while waiting in the queue: you can hold sticky sessions between 5 and 60 minutes.

Infatica costs similar to other mid-range providers, but the price drops significantly at 1TB making it one of the cheaper options in the market.

The biggest downside comes down to not having a pay as you go option and a bit lower success rate compared to the top options.


  • Proxy pool: 10M peer-to-peer proxies 
  • Locations: 190 locations 
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5  
  • Rotation: every request, or between 5 and 60 minutes 
  • Extras: 24/7 support via tickets, chat or email  
  • Support: extensive documentation 
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99 available.

Pricing starts from $96 for 14 GB ($6.86/GB).

Read the Infatica review for more information and performance tests.

proxy servers as houses

Frequently Asked Questions About Footsite Proxies

Footsites are a group of websites that sell limited edition sneakers:

  • Footlocker with its regional variations,
  • Footaction, 
  • EastBay,
  • Champs Sports.

During any limited edition release, you’ll be facing huge competition. Footsite proxies not only give you better chances to check out, but also let you buy multiple pairs.

Footlocker is the largest Footsite. It has a store not only in the US but also a variety of other locations. You can find Footlocker’s servers (and stores) in:

  • United Kingdom,
  • Netherlands,
  • Italy,
  • Germany,
  • Spain,
  • Belgium,
  • France,
  • Denmark,
  • Sweden,
  • Norway,
  • Malaysia,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Singapore,
  • even Luxembourg.

There is no one best bot. You can find our favorite options in this article on the best sneaker bots.

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