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4 Best Brazil Proxy Providers of 2023

Having a Brazil proxy comes with multiple benefits for both home users and businesses. For instance, it allows you to access content restricted to people in Brazil, scrape websites, create multiple social media accounts, and surf anonymously. If you’re looking for Brazilian proxies, here are some of the best providers you can use today.

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Smartproxy takes the first place in this Brazil proxy list because of its convenience, fast and stable proxies, and cheap pricing plans. Great for both newbies and businesses.

  • Residential IPs
  • Good performance
  • Affordable
  • Browser extension
  • No SOCKS5 protocol
  • Can't choose cities


Oxylabs is a premium proxy provider with even more features than Smartproxy, larger plans, and a dedicated account manager. It's best for business with larger needs.

  • Residential IPs
  • Great performance
  • Unlimited connections
  • City & ASN targeting
  • Expensive

Bright Data

Like Smartproxy, Bright Data targets well-paying business customers. It's the largest proxy provider with a wide variety of features and powerful proxy management tools.

  • Residential & mobile IPs
  • Unlimited connections
  • Powerful proxy controls
  • Browser extension
  • Expensive
  • Hard to use


A very affordable but not always reliable choice. Unlike other providers, PacketStream gets its proxies directly from end users. Their quality and availability can be hit-or-miss.

  • Residential IPs
  • Very affordable
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • No city targeting
  • Less reliable than others
Rating 8.4 / 10
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How We Chose the Best Brazil Proxy Network

Before compiling this list of the best Brazil proxy providers, we ran multiple technical tests to gauge the connection speed and connection success rate with local targets. We also tested how stable their proxy networks were by running up to 500 connection requests at the same time. Finally, we assessed each proxy provider’s features and customer service before concluding the best Brazil proxy list.

Configuring Brazilian Proxies

While individual setup instructions may vary among the providers, they all use the standard IP:port configuration. So, you can be sure that the proxies will be compatible with the majority of devices, operating systems, and apps. 

In the end, no matter which provider you choose, the end result is always the same: you get access to a pool of Brazilian proxy IPs, which let you browse as if you were located in Brazil. 

Don’t Use a Free Brazilian Proxy List

Free proxies cost no money and are easy to get – simply search for them on Google, get a list of IPs, and browse with a Brazilian IP. But they aren’t as innocent as you might think. 

You see, running a proxy server isn’t free, and its operators need to make money somehow. So, either they’re trying to lure you into a paid service or they’re doing some shady things behind the screen: injecting malicious ads into websites you visit or even stealing your data. (Be especially careful with HTTP proxies). Even if they aren’t, do you really think a public proxy will be as fast and reliable as you’d like? 

On the other hand, a reputable paid proxy provider has a commitment to keep its service top notch. So, that means robust proxies that haven’t been abused on your target websites, more uptime, and great (or any!) customer support. Note that some of the paid providers will also track you for legal reasons, but they won’t abuse your data for malicious ends. 

Why You Should Use a Proxy in Brazil

Having a Brazil proxy gives you many advantages that you couldn’t get otherwise. For example, it unlocks local content such as prices in Brazilian e-stores, video and other geo-restricted content. It lets you hide your IP address to make it look like you’re connecting from Brazil. And if you’re running a business, you can scrape local information, create multiple social media accounts, and conduct market research.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brazil Proxy Servers

Is It Legal to Use Brazil Proxies?

There is no law against buying a Brazil proxy – you can use it without fear or legal implications. If you’re unsure about using proxies with a specific website, it will be best to consult your lawyer. Though proxies themselves are legal, law enforcement can still trace you if you commit a crime online through other means.

Can a Proxy IP Address in Brazil Help Me Access Local Content?

Yes. Choosing any proxy provider from our list will let you access any Brazilian content without worrying about your IP leaking. You can use proxies to gain local market intelligence and enjoy accessing information anonymously.