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Rayobyte Decreases Residential Proxy Prices, Moves to Subscription

The new rates are up to 50% cheaper in lower ranges. 

Adam Dubois

Rayobyte, the US-based proxy server provider, has revised the pricing model and rates of its residential proxy network. 

First, the provider has switched to subscription-based pricing. While there remains a pay-as-you-go plan without traffic caps, it no longer scales with volume.

Second, Rayobyte has reviewed its rates. Compared to the previous version without discounts, the prices are now up to 50% cheaper. The difference is starkest in lower ranges; at 1 TB, the largest public plan, Rayobyte’s proxies have actually received a minor price increase.

 Pay as you go15 GB50 GB100 GB250 GB500 GB1 TB
New price/GB








Old price/GB
















After the revision, Rayobyte’s rates are in line with other mid-range residential proxy services. They’re especially competitive between 50 and 250 GB of traffic:

rayobyte residential proxy pricing graph

This is the fourth price decrease this year, following SmartproxyBright Data, and Oxylabs. And it’s likely not the last. We’re running out of synonyms for the word decrease, but that’s a good problem to have in such a context.

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