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Oxylabs Reveals OxyCon’s Agenda

The conference’s line-up includes six presentations and two panel discussions.
Adam Dubois
Oxylabs has announced the agenda of OxyCon, its annual conference on web scraping. The free event will take place online on September 13, starting at 12 PM British Summer time. This year’s line-up consists of six presentations and two panel discussions, with a total of 15 speakers. They can be broadly divided into three categories:
  1. Machine learning/AI in web scraping. The talks will address the topic from different angles, such as how AI can be used to outsmart anti-bot systems, what effect LLMs have had (and will have) on web scraping, and the biggest legal challenges surrounding data collection for AI-related purposes.
  2. Techniques for large-scale data extraction. The speakers will talk about new approaches for handling dynamic content and IP restrictions, teach how to scrape high-value targets without headless browsers, and ways to speed up data extraction using asynchronous Python libraries.
  3. Applying web scraping for particular business use cases. Here, the speakers will reveal how cybercriminals hide from unwanted page visits, introduce key techniques to unlock hidden video insights, and share the current best legal practices in web scraping.
The list of presenters includes Oxylabs’ developers, familiar faces like Glen De Cauwsemaecker from OTA Insight, Allen O’Neill from SocialVoice.ai, or Neil Emeigh from Rayobyte. We’ll also see speakers like Alexander Lebedev from Hotjar, who had to hide in a bomb shelter just a year ago, and Alex Reese from the law firm Farella Braun + Martel, whose firm handled the infamous hiQ v. LinkedIn case. You can find the full line-up and register on OxyCon’s page. If you’re not sure what to expect, we covered its Day 1 and Day 2 last year. All in all, we consider OxyCon a must-see for any data extraction professional, together with Zyte’s Extract Summit.

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