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NetNut Launches Website Unblocker, SERP API, Professional Datasets

The Israeli proxy provider moves up the data extraction value chain. 

Adam Dubois

NetNut, the Israeli provider of proxy servers, has officially expanded its product line-up with two web scraping tools and two datasets. 

NetNut first previewed the new products back in October 2023. Four months later, they’re officially available for purchase.

Website Unblocker

netnut website unblocker marketing page

NetNut’s first new product is a general-purpose web scraper, likely a proxy API. Like other products in this category, it combines proxy servers with anti-detection technology to simplify web scraping operations. The tool handles fingerprint management, automatic proxy rotation, and CAPTCHA solving.

Thus far, there’s little concrete information about Website Unblocker’s implementation and pricing. That said, NetNut offers the option to try it out for free.

SERP Scraper API

Netnut Google SERP Scraper API main information

NetNut’s second tool is a Google scraper. It returns search engine result pages in raw (HTML) or parsed (JSON) formats. The API supports city-level localization, pagination, device selection, and several other parameters. Some more advanced features, like filtering by search type, seem to be missing at this time. 

With pricing that starts from $1,200, SERP Scraper API is meant for enterprise use:

Requests1 million10 million25 million100 million
Price/1,000 requests$1.2$0.72$0.5$0.4

Professional Datasets

Netnut professional datasets information

NetNut’s final product includes datasets from what we assume is the largest professional network (LinkedIn). You can buy information about 650 million user profiles or an unspecified number of companies.

The marketing page mentions both real-time data and scheduled delivery, which makes it unclear what exactly you’re getting. It seems like the product takes the form of an API. It delivers data in structured formats like JSON and CSV, which can be stored in popular cloud services. 

At the moment, there’s no information about the pricing or what the output looks like. To learn more about it, you’ll have to contact NetNut’s sales team.

Bottom Line

NetNut starts the year strong and further increases the tightening competition in the web scraper space. With full focus from its parent company Alarum and having achieved record revenue numbers in Q4, the provider is determined to position itself as one of the market leaders in 2024.

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