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NetNut Redesigns Its Website, Teases Three New Scrapers

You can join the waitlist for general-purpose, SERP, and social media scraping APIs.

Adam Dubois
NetNut, the Israeli provider of proxy networks, has met autumn with a fresh look and a preview of three new products.

Website Refresh

I’m no designer, so let’s refrain from analyzing the colors and shapes of NetNut’s website. I’ll just say that it looks nicer and more modern.

netnut refreshed homepage
Still orange, now with more gradients.

That said, aside from our logo on the homepage (which looks great, by the way), I did catch some other interesting tidbits:

  1. NetNut seems to no longer lock features behind bigger pricing tiers. The website now advertises that city & state selection, API access, IP whitelisting, and even a dedicated account manager are available with all plans.
  2. The navigation drop-down promises things that are yet to materialize. The starting prices for NetNut’s proxy networks are all in single digits, while the rest of the website keeps the old structure. And we get a glimpse at the pricing of the new web scrapers.
netnut navigation pricing
Where can I find these prices, NetNut?

Three New Web Scraping Products

Speaking of web scrapers, NetNut has included three new items to its product line-up:

  1. Unblocker, which is a general-purpose web scraper that will likely integrate as a proxy server.
  2. SERP Scraper API for extracting structured data from major search engines.
  3. Social Scraper for collecting real-time social media information.

For now, there’s little specific information about these products, such as which targets or data points they can retrieve. You also can’t buy them yet, but NetNut provides an option to join the waitlist.

Bottom Line

It looks like NetNut is finally starting to treat its marketing seriously – this area has been one of its weakest points. We’re also very curious to see what its scraper will bring to the table. But for that, I guess we’ll have to wait a little while longer.

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