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Luminati Rebrands, Becomes Bright Data

The new brand emphasizes data collection services and transparency.

Adam Dubois
Luminati becoming Brightdata logo

Israeli proxy provider Luminati Networks shall be called Luminati no more – the company has rebranded as Bright Data. After a mysterious teaser on social networks yesterday, it has rolled out a redesigned website together with a new logo. 

To quote Bright Data’s CEO Or Lenchner, the name Luminati wasn’t the finest choice. It sounded like a term with some negative connotations, which prompted the company to make the changes. 

The new name reportedly better represents the company’s values of today, its commitment to customers, and expansion from a proxy provider to a leading innovator of full service data collection solutions. 

The company’s stated values of bringing innovation, trust, and transparency remain unchanged. Neither does its iconic blue color, though the website has gained a lot of white, perhaps to symbolize the latter two values (don’t quote us on this). 

In fact, transparency and data collection (instead of simply proxies) seem to be the defining features of Bright Data’s rebrand, with social proof from top universities that use Bright’s services covering the trust part. 

Luminati’s transformation is the second big rebrand we’ve seen this year. As in the case of Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub), it signifies a shift of focus from raw tools toward increasingly managed and approachable services. We wonder if this is to be the theme of 2021. 

In any case, we congratulate Bright Data with the rebrand and are curious to see what it will bring the company this year.

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