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Infatica Makes Its Residential Proxies Up to 43% Cheaper

The provider’s plans now give significantly more traffic for the same price. 

Adam Dubois

Infatica, the Singapore-based provider of proxies and web scraping tools, has revised the rates of its residential proxy traffic.

Though the pricing of its plans hasn’t changed, Infatica’s plans now grant significantly more traffic. As a result, they’ve become up to 43% cheaper.

New traffic14 GB60 GB140 GB600 GB1,200 GB
Old traffic8 GB40 GB100 GB400 GB1,000 GB
New price/GB$6.86$6$5$4$2.92
Old price/GB$12$9$7$6$3.5

The revision places Infatica among mid-market providers in terms of price, whereas it used to position as a premium company.

infatica residential proxy price comparison graph april 2024

This is Infatica’s first price update in a while. It was much needed, as some key competitors like Smartproxy, Bright Data, and Oxylabs have gone through as many as two price cuts in the meantime, the second taking place this March.

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