What You Need to Know about Dedicated Proxies

Being the sole user of a proxy server has its perks.

Whether you’re an SEO expert, marketer, or sneaker biz guru, you probably already know how proxies can benefit your work. However, when it comes to these powerful tools, things can get complicated really fast. That’s why you may be confused about certain types and usage of proxies, such as dedicated proxies. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll help you answer any questions you might have about dedicated proxies. 


What Are Dedicated Proxies?

The idea behind a dedicated proxy, also known as a private proxy, is simple: it’s an intermediary IP address that can be used only by one client at a time. This means that the proxy server you’ll get will not be accessible to anyone without your knowledge for the duration of time you’ll be using it. However, that doesn’t mean that the dedicated proxy server hasn’t been used or even abused by somebody else before.

Back in the day, dedicated proxies could only be datacenter IPs, but now there are several great providers who offer residential dedicated proxies. As a result, the IP addresses these proxies offer can come from both data centers and internet service providers. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about how you can use this type of proxy.

How Can Dedicated Proxies Benefit You?

You can use dedicated proxies any time you want to conceal your identity or change your perceived location. Some examples would be: 

  • SEO purposes. To get ahead of the competition, many SEO professionals use dedicated proxies. They can assist in the process of tracking ranks, finding backlinks, and researching for keywords. Dedicated proxies make this work fast and secure. 
  • Web scraping. Most websites have strict measures emplaced to prevent botting activity. That’s why it’s a good idea to use dedicated proxies while web scraping. They will allow your web scraper to make multiple requests to a page without getting blocked. 
  • Sneaker copping. If you’ve ever tried buying a pair of exclusive sneakers during a release, you know that it has become humanly impossible to do it on your own. Nowadays, everyone is using bots to cop new drops within seconds, and to prevent their bots from being detected, sneakerheads turn to proxies. 
  • Social media marketing. You probably know how meticulous most social media platforms are when it comes to detecting suspicious accounts. However, if you’re a social media marketer, you might need to bypass these strict rules to access several accounts at once. That’s why using a dedicated proxy for each of them won’t let your hard work go to waste by getting banned. 
  • Web browsing. While there are many purposes for dedicated proxies, the simplest one is to browse the web. People are using them to stay safe and anonymous and access geo-restricted content.

Pros & Cons of a Dedicated Proxy


  • Fast – dedicated proxies are a premium option, so they usually use the fastest servers available. This applies to both datacenter and residential dedicated proxies.
  • Yours to use – no one will be using these proxies alongside you, at least for the domain you’re interested in. So, you’ll experience no unexpected blocks as you might with shared proxies. To put it poetically, you’ll be the master of your fate.
  • Secure – you won’t have to worry about others doing something illegal with your proxy, something that could get you into trouble.


  • Expensive – you’ll be using the IPs alone, so you’ll be the one shouldering all of the cost.

There’s No Such Thing as Free Dedicated Proxies

It’s hard to find free proxies that work well, and it’s a pipe dream to find free dedicated proxies at all. Don’t get hooked on false promises. You can read more about why we’re so against free proxies here.

Where to Buy Dedicated Proxies?

If you’ve made up your mind and know that dedicated proxies are the way to go, you’re probably wondering where to get them. Several good providers are offering fast and reliable dedicated proxies, yet there are also plenty of those who don’t deliver the quality of services you may need. Figuring out which one is best suited for you may be a tough nut to crack – that’s why we’ve done it for you. Feel free to use our list of the best private proxy providers


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Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Proxies

What Are Dedicated Proxies?

Dedicated proxies are proxy IP addresses used by one person at the time or for certain domains. In this sense, they’re often also called private proxies.

Where Can I Buy Dedicated Proxies?

Many providers sell dedicated proxies, but not all of them are equal. We have selected only trustworthy services which have a good reputation and proxies that work, you can find them here.

Can I Get Dedicated Residential Proxies?

Yes. Also called static residential proxies, these IPs come straight from internet service providers and not end users. You can find providers that sell dedicated residential proxies in our list here.