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TheBest Yandex Proxies:Top 5 Picks of 2021

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Oxylabs provides business intelligence data, offers premium proxies and enterprise-level support. The provider has decades of scraping experience, so it knows what works best.

  • 100M residential IP
  • Global locations
  • Best proxy performance
  • Free trial and refund
  • Expensive
Rating 9.3 / 10
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Bright Data (Luminati)

Bright Data has a huge number of proxies and a variety of tools to make use of them. It's a good choice for businesses but not the easiest nor the cheapest to get into.

  • 72M residential proxies
  • Very customizable
  • Powerful proxy manager
  • Stellar performance
  • Complex pricing structure
  • Expensive
Rating 9 / 10
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Despite being less expensive than the first two options, Smartproxy sells performant proxies and very polished user experience. Fewer features, but everything essential is there.

  • 40M residential IPs
  • Unlimited connections
  • Great customer support
  • 3-day refund
  • Only 8 cities available
Rating 8.8 / 10
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NetNut offers static residential proxies. They come straight from internet service providers and scale very well. Best suited for experienced users and large scale use.

  • 5M static residential IPs
  • Stable proxies
  • 7-day trial
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Entry plans lock features
Rating 8.6 / 10
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GeoSurf has a pool of very well-maintained residential proxies that span over a thousand cities. However, it was recently taken over by Luminati, so GeoSurf's future is uncertain.

  • 2.5M residential IPs
  • Very reliable proxies
  • 1,700 cities
  • Browser extension
  • Expensive
  • Uncertain prospects
Rating 8.2 / 10
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What are Yandex proxies?

If you are from Russia or any other Slavic country, you most likely already know what Yandex is. But if you come from other parts of the world, this name may not ring a bell for you. So what is Yandex and why would anyone need Yandex proxies? Keep on reading and find out!

Yandex is the main search engine used in Russia (and some neighbouring countries) and it’s even more popular than Google in the country. Essentially, Yandex is the Russian Google and due to this fact, it is an attractive target to be scraped by businesses or individuals alike. Yet, like most other websites of a similar scale, Yandex has automated protections against scraping. This means that it will try to identify and in case of successful identification, block efforts to scrape it.

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Put simply, these automated protection systems can recognize scraping by identifying an abnormal amount of web requests coming from the same IP. Also, the type of these requests is also evaluated, for example, if someone scraping a site tries to load each and every page, this is a clear red flag as normal users do not behave like that.

Why use Yandex proxies?

The only way to protect against getting blocked while scraping Yandex is to use Yandex proxies. And the best kind of Yandex proxies are optimized to achieve the best result which is a high success rate.

Mostly, Yandex proxies are used for SEO monitoring. These proxies are most commonly employed by agencies and IT companies that use them for tools that allow users to access SERP, keyword and other SEO data automatically, without having to use proxies and sift through the data on their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yandex Proxies

Do I Need Yandex Proxies for Scraping?

Yandex is very protective against scrapers. So, if you’re any serious about Yandex scraping, you’ll need proxies to avoid IP blocks.

Should I Get Datacenter or Residential Proxies for Yandex?

We wouldn’t recommend datacenter proxies for Yandex unless you really know what you’re doing. Rotating residential proxies will scale better, be easier to manage, and face fewer blocks.

Can I Use a Free Yandex Proxy Server?

You can but probably shouldn’t. The IPs will be slow and easy to block. Free HTTP proxies might also steal your data because they send it unencrypted.