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Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies have very fast proxies and perform great with most targets (except search engines). However, a lack of features can stop you from choosing Storm Proxies.

  • Pricing starts from $10/month, 5 proxies included
  • Over 45K residential IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24-hour money back guarantee
Stormproxies offer a pool of 40K rotating residential IP proxies that rotate every 3 to 15 minutes. This is ideal for those who require different IPs whether for scraping sites, SEO tools and/or sneaker sites.

For their residential proxies, they offer a 24-hour money back guarantee and a 24/7 customer support. Always a plus.

Storm Proxies Residential Proxies

General Review


All pricing plans come with unlimited bandwidth.


Storm Proxies offer 4 pricing plans and also do not charge per GB, but rather per port. Starting from $19 per port. The price depends on how many ports you want to have. With more ports, you can put more load through them.

Stormproxies membership

Pool size

Storm Proxies have 40,000 rotating residential IPs.


Storm Proxies let you choose only from the U.S. and European Union countries.


This is how Storm Proxies describe their setup:
“You will receive several “proxy gateway” IPs that you need to enter inside any software that should make a proxy connection. By accessing our “proxy gateway” servers with those IPs, your software will receive a new proxy IP after every 5 minutes. You don’t need to change the IP in your software – all proxy rotation automatically happens on our side.”

Authorization method

Whitelisted IPs. You can whitelist only one IP.


Not available.

Session control

By default, Storm Proxies hold the same IP on the same port for a certain period of time. However, you can’t choose this time yourself, which would be nice.


  • Location. You can choose either USA proxies or EU proxies.
    USA vs EU
  • Proxy type. Not available.
  • ASN/Provider/Carrier. Not available.


Only HTTP protocol is supported.


  • Usage statistics. Not available.
  • Credentials/Whitelist IP change. Yes.
  • Support tickets. Not available.
  • Renew plans. Yes.
  • Live chat. Not available.

Customer Support

You can contact Storm Proxies Support by filling out a form on their website. Once you do that, an automated response comes to your email and for the “real” answer you have to wait a bit. We’ve used this form for a few times and each time the answers came in less than an hour. Well, not the best solution for customer support, but at least the answers were helpful.


When it comes to speed, Storm Proxies performed better than average. We checked their speed using the free FOGLDN Proxy Tester. You can see the test results in the print screen below.

Storm Proxies_Test

As you can see, Storm Proxies are quite decent with their speed and, to answer the question if we would use them for sneaker copping – yes, we would. You can see the full list of the top sneaker proxy providers here.

As per usual, we tested the overall performance of Storm Proxies proxies by putting them on an increasingly growing load. The graph below shows what happens when we do that:

Performance by concurrent connections_Stormproxies

It’s easy to notice that when we increase the number of concurrent connections, timeouts begin to rise. The number of blocked IPs is stable and as for connection errors, they only grew slightly.

Below you can see a detailed breakdown of the performance test results. As with other residential proxy providers, we used a 300 concurrent connections’ benchmark.

Performance 300 concurrent connections_Stormproxies

Storm Proxies work great with almost all targets, except search engines, but we’ll get to that a bit later. As for targets such as Aliexpress, Amazon or Facebook, the results look really good with the average success rate of 85%.

Also, the number of connection errors is small. There is no more than 10% of timeouts.

However, when it comes to search engines, Storm Proxies residential proxies are almost absolutely blocked on Google and Yandex. As you can see from the table below, the blocks to Google were only the 503 error (recaptcha). While pinging Yandex, we mostly got the 200 error (captcha), there were just a couple of the 404 errors.

We got some other blocks here and there but there were not too many of them.

Blocked requests statistic
Target/status404403429200 (captcha)503 (recaptcha)502


As to the average response time, compared with other proxy providers, Storm Proxies are very fast.

Response Times Stormproxies

As you can see, the average response time is somewhere around 4 sec.

After conducting this test and analyzing its results we had a suspicion that Storm Proxies residential proxies are actually direct Internet Service Provider (ISP) IPs. They are fast, stable and heavily blocked on search engines. Also, Storm Proxies have a suspiciously small residential IP pool, only 40,000 proxies. On top of that, we noticed some similar subnet classes.


If we’re right and Storm Proxies are actually selling direct ISP IPs, their IPs shouldn’t be categorized as residential ones. But for the sake of this review, let’s say that they are actually residential proxies.

So, to sum up, the performance test showed that Storm Proxies have very fast proxies and perform great with most targets (except search engines). However, a lack of features can stop you from choosing Storm Proxies. We don’t count the selection between the US and EU countries as a proper location filter. Also, you can’t choose a proxy type or ASN.

Overall, Storm Proxies dashboard is one of the worst dashboards we’ve ever seen. You can’t see your usage statistics, set a custom session control time or whitelist more than one IP which is especially troublesome if you want to use proxies on a few machines.

Moreover, Storm Proxies customer support system is not user friendly, so in the end, we can rank them only as an average proxy provider.


Rating: 7.7


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Storm Proxies Dedicated Proxies

Full review is coming soon.


Rating: 7.7


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