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Proxy Service Awards 2019

We are delighted to announce the winners for the Proxy Service Awards 2019!

The main reason to use residential proxies is anonymity. Residential proxies help you stay anonymous on the internet whether you need to access geo-blocked content or have several accounts on the same computer.

However, with so many providers out there, knowing which one is right for you might be difficult. To help you make a right and informed decision, Adam and I, at Proxyway.com, decided to test some of the most popular residential proxy service providers.

During 2018, we took a look at a dozen proxy providers. We tested their performance, speed, reliability, IP pool size, and customer service. And now, we’re happy to present to you the Proxy Service Awards!

Find out which proxy service provider was the most stable, which had the best speed, and which won the best overall category!

best overall award 2019

Best Overall: Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a clear winner this year with fast and reliable proxies. They performed better than any other proxy provider in all of our tests. Oxylabs residential proxies have a very high success rate and impressive response times.

Moreover, Oxylabs offers a big proxy pool, lots of proxy filtering options, easy authorization, and overall high-quality proxy services. We were especially pleased with our account manager and the way Oxylabs takes care of their customers.

Oxylabs is no doubt the best residential proxy service provider out there. Just try them – you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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editors choice award 2019

Editor’s Choice: Smartproxy

Although Smartproxy is a relatively new proxy provider, they have one of the best customer service we have seen so far. Also, their self-service and implementation are really easy, and their residential proxies work great on sneaker websites.

Smartproxy has a really low number of timeouts, blocks or connection errors, and it’s really hard to pinpoint any massive issues with them.

These are the main reasons why we’re giving them the Editor’s Choice award. Congrats!

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most stable award 2019

Most Stable: Geosurf & Oxylabs

When testing all proxy service providers, we put their proxies on a high load by increasing the number of concurrent connections. Both Geosurf and Oxylabs proved to have extremely stable and reliable residential proxies.

No matter how much we increased the concurrent connections, the success rate of both Geosurf and Oxylabs stayed the same. That’s why we have to call it a draw. Great job, guys.

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least blocked award 2019

Least Blocked: Oxylabs

Oxylabs residential proxies have a very low rate of blocked IPs. With almost all the targets which we tested, this rate was somewhere around 0.02%. Only with Google and Wayfair, we got some blocks, but not too many. This shows that Oxylabs’ infrastructure works efficiently and they offer high-quality residential proxies.

Keep up the good work!

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best speed award 2019

Best Speed: Storm Proxies

No other provider has faster residential proxies than Storm Proxies. Their average response time is an impressive 4.21s. Moreover, Storm Proxies work great with difficult targets such as Amazon. By using their residential proxies, you can extract a lot of data without losing any speed.

Congratulations on the award, guys. Well deserved!

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best customer service award 2019

Best Customer Service: RSocks

In terms of customer service, RSocks is a proxy provider that really surprised us this year. Their team is knowledgeable, helpful, and usually replies within a few minutes. Even on weekends, their response time was extremely fast.

Moreover, they always notify you when your subscription is coming to an end and they even answer during the nighttime.

Keep it up, guys!

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Runner-up: Smartproxy

A residential proxy provider that came close to winning the award for the best customer service was Smartproxy. Their team is doing a magnificent job answering live chat messages really quickly, so, we believe Smartproxy deserves to be mentioned as the runner-up for the Best Customer Service award. Congrats!

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Do you agree with our picks? Which residential proxy service provider would you choose? Leave your comments down below and don’t forget to come back for new reviews, coming to you very soon!

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