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The Best Netherlands Proxy Providers of 2022

There are many reasons why you may need the services of a Netherlands proxy provider. You might want to access data or content in Dutch sites, your proxy or IP address might have been banned, or you might not have a large enough IP pool. Sometimes, you might be using an insecure internet network or simply a slow proxy.

We conducted extensive technical tests on major commercial proxy networks to determine the best proxy providers. All of these providers will unblock content in local sites, let you avoid firewalls, and allow unrestricted access to local information. Here are the best Netherlands proxy providers.

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Smartproxy offers the best balance between features and price. It has fast and reliable proxies – and a user-friendly interface – making it a brilliant choice for beginners.

  • Residential IPs
  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • 3-day refund
  • No SOCKS5 protocol
  • Few city options


Oxylabs focuses on businesses with larger needs. The service is very flexible, reliable, and also delivers the best overall performance to the right customers.

  • Residential proxies
  • Best overall performance
  • Your own account manager
  • Trial + refund option
  • Starts from $300
  • No SOCKS5 protocol

Bright Data (Luminati)

Bright Data is the largest proxy provider today, offering a feature-rich proxy network. Even though it's complex and hard to set up, it has options to target cities and even ASNs.

  • Residential proxies
  • Most features
  • Many targeting options
  • Trial + refund option
  • Hard to use for beginners
  • Expensive


Geosurf's major products today are residential proxies and the Geosurf VPN. It has reliable workhorse proxies and a stable network. However, it’s quite expensive.

  • Reliable residential IPs
  • Over 1,000 cities
  • Extensive documentation
  • Browser extension
  • Very expensive
  • No self-service
  • No SOCKS5 protocol


NetNut sells residential proxies that come straight from ISPs and not end users. This means they're always available and don't need to rotate. Good performance, not so good UX.

  • Residential IPs
  • Static proxies
  • Scales well
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Hard to use for beginners
  • Lacking documentation
  • No self-service

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Choosing the Best Dutch Proxy Servers

We ran extensive tests to determine the best proxy providers by measuring the connection speed and success rate for local targets. By making over 250 concurrent connections and combining several metrics, we measured the stability of their networks and the overall quality of their pool.

It’s important to note that there’s no clear consensus of what makes one proxy network better than the others. While all providers give you access to any content without restrictions and a local IP address, they also have unique features. The quality of a proxy network depends on its service, and it’s up to you to figure out which one will fit your needs best.

How You Can Benefit from a Proxy in the Netherlands

Using a proxy in the Netherlands means that you’re anonymous when you browse Dutch sites online. It allows you access to the internet as if you were within the Netherlands.  So, websites can’t stop you from accessing them based on your geographical location.

Using a local IP address also means you can bypass network restrictions at work or school and create local social media accounts. Proxies work particularly well for avoid blocks when web scraping.

Using Netherlands Proxies

Almost any internet-capable device can connect to the internet through a proxy network. These networks work with virtually any browser, smartphone, or app. Each provider’s documentation will vary, and the setup flow might be different. Still, all of them will route your connections through a proxy server in the Netherlands.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free Netherlands Proxy List

There are many free proxy lists out there. They might sound attractive, but using them is risky. Their owners can spy on users and sometimes intercept their data. As a result, your critical information, such as bank account details and social media accounts, may be vulnerable to theft or misuse.

All proxy providers we listed support the HTTPS protocols ensuring that your communication with the proxy server is secure. With a paid Dutch proxy, you can experience a higher speed and reliability. It also guarantees you’ll be relatively safer when you’re sharing sensitive data and making payments online. And if something goes wrong, you’ll have dedicated support to help you 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Netherlands Proxy Servers

Is It Legal to Buy Dutch Proxies?

Certainly! Using a proxy address from the Netherlands is legal and is something that anyone can do freely. If you doubt the legality of the listed proxies, consult a local attorney. This should give you peace of mind.

Keep in mind that using a proxy doesn’t make any possible crimes you commit online untraceable. Your IP address is not the only means through which law enforcement can track your internet usage.

Can IP Addresses in the Netherlands Help Me Access Local Content?

Yes. Using a proxy service with a local IP address is the best way to access local content and data from websites in the Netherlands. This gives you the freedom to scrape local information and conduct market intelligence. The proxy providers above will provide effective, reliable, and worry-free service. They offer round-the-clock customer support and have all the features you might need.