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If permanent, this change makes the provider among the cheaper options for premium mobile IPs.
The new proxy service includes web scraping and JavaScript rendering capabilities, charges for traffic use.
Three provider’s products get up to 70% cheaper, and the residential pool reaches 30 million IPs.
The service includes a million peer-to-peer mobile IPs around the globe.
This year's OxyCon will take place on September 13.
The provider now sells all major proxy server types.
The customers can now buy from 1GB to 30GB of traffic without talking to the sales team, large-scale businesses have four new options.
Cache Proxies, Site Health Monitor, and BrightBot are some of the company’s new tools to scrape responsibly.
All May, the provider’s proxies will cost up to 35% less.
The service offers 100,000 IPs registered under American internet service providers.
Though publicly available, the product is still very much in the making.
The provider makes it easier to pick up its web scraping APIs and clarifies enterprise pricing.

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