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Webshare Cuts Prices, Increases Residential Proxy Network, Adds Enterprise plan

Three provider’s products get up to 70% cheaper, and the residential pool reaches 30 million IPs.

Adam Dubois

The US-based proxy provider Webshare has revamped the pricing of its three products: residential, ISP, and dedicated datacenter proxies. Additionally, the provider’s residential proxy network now contains over 30 million monthly IPs, and a plan with 3 TB of data.

New Prices and Features to the Residential Proxy Network

From now on, Webshare will offer one of the cheapest peer-to-peer IPs in the market. The residential proxy pricing rates have gone down by 10-55%.

The provider’s customers can get the product for as little as $7/GB. To give you some context, before, Webshare offered the same price ($15/GB) as premium providers like Oxylabs and Bright Data.

Additionally, Webshare added another option for business customers. The largest plan on display offers 3 TB of data. However, the provider doesn’t scale well with enterprise pricing – it charges above the market average.

Here’s how the before and after prices compare:

 1 GB10 GB25 GB50 GB100 GB250 GB500 GB1 TB3 TB
Old price/GB$15$12$10.80$9.60$8.40$7.20$6$4.80
New price/GB$7$6$5.50$5.50$5.50$5.25$5$4.50$4.50
The difference-55%-50%-50%-40%-35%-30%-15%-10%

Another important update includes the size of the residential proxy pool. Webshare’s customers will now have access to over 30 million monthly IPs. The growth is impressive – just last month, you could choose only between two pools: 1 and 10 million IPs.

Static Proxy Networks Get Cheaper

Webshare has also reduced prices for its static proxy networks. The changes affect three ISP proxy options (shared, dedicated, semi-dedicated) and dedicated datacenter IPs. 

ISP proxies

The provider has dropped ISP proxy prices from 50% to 70%, affecting the shared plan the most. The prices for static residential addresses start from $6 for 20 IPs ($0.3/IP). All the plans scale to 10,000 proxies. 

Here’s how the new pricing lines up:

 SharedDedicatedSemi dedicated
Old price$18/20 IPs ($0.9/IP)$8.40/IP$46.31 for 25 IPs ($1.85/IP)
New price$6/20 IPs ($0.3/IP)$4.20/IP$23.16/25IPs ($0.92/IP)
The difference-70%-50%-50%

Private Datacenter Proxies

Webshare has also lowered the price for its private datacenter proxy product. For the same amount of IPs, users will pay 20% less – the threshold dropped from $33.25 to $26.60 for 20IPs (from $1.66/GB to $1.33/GB).

Bottom Line

Webshare beats the average market price by cutting prices up to 70% and offering one of the cheaper peer-to-peer IPs. With these changes, the provider has become even more attractive for the lower market segment and increased competition at large.

Regarding enterprise options, the price changes barely impacted larger plans, which clearly indicates that the provider mainly targets small to medium-sized customers. However, its business clients will be able to get three times more data. 

Webshare’s recent updates will most likely impact the mid-range providers. Especially since it’s the second drop in two months; Smartproxy has also temporarily cut residential proxy prices. 


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